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The seller who I contacted (Contact Me-button) does not appear in my inbox

As the title suggests the seller does not appear on the left side of my screen at the Inbox-page.
This is really weird because in the center of my screen it says “Select a Conversation”.

What do I do now?

Also I’m new to the forum, I appreciate the help.


Hi Toby, welcome to the forum.

Hm. Did you try
Messages > Inbox > See all in Inbox (blue link at the bottom)

You could also click the arrow to open the drop-down of types of messages to check whether your message might have landed in the spam folder.

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Yes I’ve tried that. The seller does not appear when I set it to All Conversations at the dropdown at the left either

I don’t know if any of these could be the reason but perhaps:

  • You, mistakenly, blocked the seller.

  • The seller bloqued you.

  • The seller is no longer on Fiverr (banned by Fiverr or seller closed the account)

  • I have not bloqued the seller and vice versa
  • His account is still there but yes maybe closed by Fiverr (because it does not say “Out of office” which has a different meaning)

Topic closed

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Try to expand the arrow on the right side of the “All conversations” in your inbox, there is other categories.

I have had this before where I accidentally achieved the message. Perhaps this could help x

lol no problem, jokes make life better :slight_smile:

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I think this seller “retired” even though his last delivery was 3 months ago. Really sad :frowning:

I have tried looking into archived messages and other things at “All conversations” but they didn’t help either.

Now close this topic and good night! :wave:
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