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The sheer audacity is astounding

I saw this among the Buyer Request ads this evening:


And the “buyer” wants this provided to him within 24 hours.

Let’s be practical for a moment (since this “buyer” is not). Even if every member of this desired Facebook group was worth $1, the low-end price for this purchase request (if it wasn’t against Facebook’s rules) would be $10,000,000. How foolish and short-sighted does someone have to be to think this is actually a viable purchase?

I’m almost tempted to send him a $10,000,000 seller offer, and explain that that price is the lowest that I can offer my non-existent group for. :wink:


Buyers requests are a great place to find people who either 1) want unrealistic quality/amounts, 2) want super high quality for extremely low prices or 3) both of the above.

Might be slightly OT: I recently saw someone in buyers requests who wanted a bulk order of 500-word articles by highly qualified writers (I think it was about 50, can’t remember the exact number), each for around $1. I wouldn’t call my qualifications super impressive, but I can pretty safely say that that kind of price won’t be drawing in the kind of writer they claim to be looking for.


At least they didn’t require you to be a member of some editorial online magazine site with published articles on said site.


I think he had a st price for the 1 million, not necessarily paying for each. Like asking for a mailing list.

His Buyer Request did not have a stated budget.

Right but I’ve seen enough of these requests all over. They have a set price for the number of whatever information they request. They rarely ever pay for each.

The also rarely ever pay. Their requests are usually too unrealistic for there to be a good seller match. So, in the end, those “buyers” rarely every get what they ask for. :wink:

I saw lots of requests for spells for outrageous things for low prices. And they all had about 15 offers.

I’ve been seeing a major uptick in “I want ALL of this for just $5” Buyer Requests lately. Moreso than usual. It’s great to see Fiverr bringing in interested buyers, but they really need to find a way to shake the “Fiverr is a place to get almost free work” reputation. If this continues to rise – as it is right now – that “cheap place” mentality is going to kill Fiverr’s future as a viable freelance marketplace.


That’s exactly what the Pro sellers are supposed to do, change the image.

I hope fiverr realizes they have some sellers like me who don’t always only get $5 for everything they sell and put our gigs in more obvious places. I don’t have high starting prices but my average prices are high and that should count for something.

There is currently someone in BR requesting a video for a construction company for $7. This is why I rarely venture over to the mad goings on over there.


Surprisingly, I’ve actually found great success in Buyer Requests. My strategy seems to work well in attracting legitimate buyers looking for a legitimate professional freelancer such as myself. I used to write off the BR section as “mad goings on” as well, but, with a little creativity, it does seem to hold some value.


No… The deeper I go, the dirtier and more damning it gets.


All that for $10, naturally. This is why I really feel for adult movie stars, they always get the rawest deals when it comes to the commission they take away. Then again, they do all get a free clap.

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That’s amazing. I don’t know who these people are that post these things but they must live under rocks.

If you can filter through the spam then you might actually find pretty good requests.

  • It’s very likely that your offer will stand out from all those templates
  • There are always users who are new to Fiverr and think that’s the best place to get sellers. They are not yet familiar with all the spammers :slight_smile:
  • As a seller you get to pick your projects. No matter what you write in your gig description, there are buyers who purchase your basic gig and expect something that’s not even covered in any of your packages.

I agree, there is some value left in buyer requests.

I bet this gig received offers because there are sellers out there who are happy to offer 10M members for $5.
Here’s one who might consider selling his useless group :slight_smile:

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Indeed. There are a lot of new sellers out there for whom a desperate $5 sale is more important then any sort of profit, reputation, or integrity. It is those “I will sell my soul for just one $5 sale” sellers whose desperation gives Fiverr a bad name.

A good businessman does not beg for scraps or bread crumbs. He works hard to earn the entire sandwich.


Fiverr is seeking to counteract that image.

If they want to counteract the do anything for $5 image, find those of us who get higher prices consistently and keep our gigs where they can be found.

IMHO, some people are like kids, they are not able to estimate realistic value of something and often gets angry when you tell them real price for something.

I always go through Buyer Requests daily.
Some of my biggest orders have come from there. The reality as Jon said, is that if you happen to find one decent one it can be totally worthwhile as there are so few quality responses to BRs that when a decent seller makes an offer to a reasonable request then they will get the job.
Interestingly, yesterday I went through BRs and only found one seller ad out of around 30+ requests!


I’m starting to have my interest gauged by the apparent possibilities of buyer requests. Since you and @Jonbass are the best tip write up people we have, maybe you could share some tips on how to submit a killer proposal. I’ve sent 3 today but I’m unsure about whether I’m doing it right. It seems odd actually, sending a custom offer directly to someone. How and when do you know if your offer has been accepted or rejected? Do buyers usually respond to you instantly or do they get back much later?

Sorry to sound like a “how do I mek sell” noob.