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The silent buyer

So I get this new buyer last week who purchases a wrong package and describes what needs to be done in very general terms. Nothing unusual, happens a lot.

I message them back, tell them that what they want is not included in the package they got and ask the followup questions I have regarding the job itself. I do that 3 times in 4 days (my delivery time is 4 days), 24 hours between each message. The buyer is online on and off but they ignores me the entire time.

I cancel the order through CS when the deadline becomes completely unmanageable and think that’ll be it. Then the next day I get a message:

“Hi Lena! I’ve noticed that my order was canceled and I feel maybe it was because I added my e-mail to the flyer description. I would still love to continue this order. If you can send me a way to repay you that would be great.”

And a new order which is the exact copy of the old one comes through. The wrong package, none of my questions addressed, everything.

I message them again, ask not to put orders through without discussing them with me first and repeat that the package will need to be updated and that I have some issues with the task and I’d like to discuss it. He’s online on and off and doesn’t answer.

Thinking that there may be some kind of a messaging/spam issue I put through a cancellation request with a brief explanation of why I canceled the previous order and why I’m canceling this one and what they can do if they still want me to do the job (which is definitely not putting the same order through over and over again with no explanation whatsoever). I figure that the message would reach them somehow this way. The person is online on and off and doesn’t answer.

I have no idea if they genuinely don’t receive any messages (while at the same time being able to send messages to me) due to some technical issues or if it’s your average creepy buyer being bored and having fun.

More importantly, if the cancellation request remains unanswered (which I’m willing to bet it will) and cancels itself, there is no guarantee they don’t come back with the third one.

It’s an account created at the beginning of 2018 marked as a “returning buyer” (technically true, haha), nothing overly suspicious about it or the job itself (although, again, the package is wrong and the description is incomplete).

I’m strongly against trying to guess blindly with difficult buyers, especially in this case when the person doesn’t communicate back at all. I just can imagine those long conversations with myself in case a round of revisions comes up or anything else that would require me to ask a question.

I decided to give them 24 hours to respond to the cancelation request in any way. After that, I’ll be probably contacting CS again and hope they have some kind of a productive solution against serial buyers who don’t talk, I don’t know.

It’s extremely frustrating. I had 100% completion rate for, like, 2 months in a row. It’s such a bummer to lose it because of this.


Such things ar really frustrating for sellers who work really hard to maintain the stats :frowning: Sadly we can do nothing about this thing.


I feel you. :neutral_face:

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That is a bummer. I wonder if, in a case like this where you have gone above and beyond to work with the buyer, would CS help maintain your great status?


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I’m afraid not. I was in a similar situation once.

Nah, they’ve counted the first cancelation against me already. Their official response has always been that this is the automatic algorithm that is doing the counting and they can’t do anything about it.

I had a situation like this last week where I went above and beyond and the buyer ghosted me - not replying to any messages and I had to get CS to step in and cancel. Even though it was very clear I’d gone above and beyond, the cancellation still counts against me.

Frustratingly, the buyer then (5 days later) asked me why the order was cancelled and instructed me to proceed as the order was still there and nothing had happened. :roll_eyes:

I wish these cancellations wouldn’t count against us, but CS just told me not to cancel any more orders and my level should be OK, which is a bit frustrating. It wouldn’t take many of these situations in a 60 day period for it to put your level at risk, which is a shame when the problem is the buyer not responding - which is 100% out of the seller’s control.

@lenasemenkova I hope your buyer actually answers your questions so you can do the job!


Sounds like someone is trying to tank your completion rate.

UPDATE: The buyer has declined to cancel, answered my questions and told me they “can assure me they were very responsive, but maybe were using the wrong portal”.

I now suspect they either have two email accounts, and the one connected to fiverr is not the primary one or they are a interdimensional traveller.


Yeah I’ll take the second guess. A lost traveller. I almost had this same problem a couple of days ago where he never actually replies to what I ask him. I asked him several question like, “Do you have a color palette for this design? Do you prefer the a longer arm? (note: he asked me to design a cute bear)…” in which he never actually answers. He then gave me another image and asked me to follow the style of the new ref…which I did follow it later and sent it to him and guess what? He said, “the arm is too short, never mind.” He then stopped messaging me.

The good thing is, he never placed an order… It’s really hard to deal with these kinds of human being :roll_eyes:


I just love talking to myself in my inbox. So productive.

It’s definitely good you didn’t get that order. Can you imagine the revisions from a buyer like this?


Just plain nightmare to work with them. I mean I consider myself as a patient guy, but dealing with the guy I mentioned earlier made me want to hulk smash the wall. But, don’t get too stressed about it though. We just have to let it go somehow, somewhere.
Let it go~ Let it go~ Can’t hold it back anymore…~ (teehee) :yum:

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I’m with you in your feelings :sunny:

If you think they might continue to cause you trouble, I would block this interdimensional buyer as soon as this order is marked complete.