The SINGLE most important thing to do for your buyers!


I’m fairly new selling through Fiverr but I had used it in the past as a buyer. As a seller, I take my orders very seriously and whenever I get a new order, I acknowledge it quickly with a response to the customer and even saying when it will be completed by when possible. I don’t remember ever getting an email like this when I’ve purchased and personally, I think it’s so nice. Have you ever purchased anything online? You get updates, tracking number, your order has been shipped, etc., don’t you? Doesn’t it feel good to know people care about you and that your order is on the way? The same with fiverr especially for those orders that require a long time for delivery. Just a quick one liner will give your buyer so much peace of mind something like, Thanks for your oder, I’ve received it and I promise to get it done on time if not sooner!! This will take you a long way! Best of luck!


I agree, being a freelancer which is basically what Fiverr is we have to play the whole team including customer support. I usually try to check my email throughout the day when I can and if I have any Fiverr messages or orders I reply as quickly as I can. If I have a message I will do my best to answer their questions. If I got an order, I send a quick message, usually it’s a pre-typed message just to let them know I am aware of the order and that I will get it done as quick as I can.

If I run into issues after the order (rare, but it happens) I like to keep them updated, usually they will understand and allow me more time to work out the issue. If it’s something you do not see getting fixed quickly or a work-around for exactly what they want, don’t be greedy and explain the issue to the buyer and ask if they would like to you to try something that may work (offer suggestions) or if they would like a refund.

Think of it like this, if somebody orders your service (on or off fiverr) and for some reason you cannot deliver what was requested it’s more likely they will continue to use your service if you are honest about the problem, offer suggestions and if needed offer a refund. If you deliver the job with low quality work or with something that was not as requested it’s more liking they will not return to use your service in the future, and may request a refund anyways.


I totally agree!

I give updates to tell them when I am filming and uploading and then will inform them of any hiccups during the order! I have had positive response of nearly all my buyers and never a negative! :slight_smile:


When someone orders, I acknowledge them as soon as I can. I like getting updated as a buyer, so I do my best to do the same as a seller. :slight_smile:


I try to do the same, especially if I know I’m not going to be able to fill the order immediately. My orders often don’t take long to fill, but it’s nice to acknowledge that it has been accepted (especially since there’s no other way to accept the order). It’s nice too when people ordering send a message, and if they do I always reply even if I’m filling the order immediately and have it done within the hour.

But yes, I agree!