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The slope is going too low

I have been trough best 4 months of my life in Fiverr , a lot of orders , non stopping work , lot of messages , but now , ahhh , it’s been 2 weeks , no orders , messages , it’s like I don’t even exist anymore , it making me feel sad a bit you know after all of that work now , I’m kinds doing nothing , so is that normal , do I take actions or after a while I may get orders and the wheel start rolling ?

This is what being a freelancer, entrepreneur or self-employed is like. You have peaks and valleys. There will be weeks or months where you WISH you had a day off and then days on end when you wonder where the heck people went. Waiting for Fiverr to bring you clients is a passive way to be a freelancer. There are a lot of posts on this site discussing how to promote your listings OUTSIDE of Fiverr to gain new clients. If you are waiting on someone else to make your business a success, you will fall short. Are you answering Buyer Requests? I have never had to delve into that area of the site, and I would imagine what I charge would not be in line with those who post in BR anyways. Were you new 4 months ago? Sometimes new listings will get a boost from Fiverr which helps you get sales - this can have new people feeling lost when that new promo Fiverr gives wears off and other new sellers take those spots.