The smaller your work, the most money you earn in graphic design categlory


Hi guys,

I’ve just create Icon gigs in my profile and fortunate it hit homepage for 2,3 days and i got few order from it.

I realized that people willing to pay 7$/icon x 9 = 63$ very easy more than paying over 40$ for an infographic in same amount of working times!!!.

I saw something wrong here. Infographic gig is pretty heavy work with text, illustration, layout and many more but buyer not willing to pay high to get one. The highest infographic i got is 60$, but normally people don’t pay more than 40$.

But with the icon gig, people easily pay 63$ for 7 icons without hagging. I did do 20$ for 1 icon and it take me 20 mins to do this. :V

Is the more micro job, the more you earn money?

It is much fun if you guy can share your exp about your gig :smiley:


It’s basically all about the professionalism of your work and experience that you have in your field. There are professionals who works hard and earn less but there are also who just touch the things and earn handsome :smiley: Wish you all the best of luck…! :slight_smile:


I just got the exp when i realized that people are not willing to pay a great infographic more than 40$, i don’t know why, because average infographic price can up to 150 200$ in pro design


Because Fiverr buyers are thrifty.


Not in the graphics design category but looks interesting!


yeah, try out something small and can sell easily with 5$ and can sell a lot in one times, you’ll see it interesting.


yup, some buyer tend to not pay more than 10/gig


Buyers will usually purchase the services that they need, regardless of the price. If you are a professional with a great resume of skills and past work, you will likely receive more higher-priced job requests.

There is no one model for success here in Fiverr. Success is what you make it. If doing 10 small projects for $5 each is your definition of success, that’s great! If completing 5 orders for $50 each is your definition of success, that works too.

As the old saying goes, “experiences will vary”.


You have a point here though. its called upselling with professionalism… haha!


competition is very high




Awesome :heart_eyes: