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The Smarter Way To Come Up With a Brand Name For Your Startup, Business Or Company

I really believe that great companies deserve great names, and it is a privilege to be involved in that search. As you know, your brand name is literally the first thing anyone hears you say when you talk about your company.

When an entrepreneur starts a new startup, he can often be found on some websites like Godaddy, Namecheap etc … plugging in various URLs to figure out what he should name his new company, but unfortunately, all of the English exact match one/two word domain names have been already registered in all extensions ( .com , .net , .org) since the nineties, so you have 0% to register any!

-Now what? You have two options:
The first one is to deal with domain name investors asking them to sell you an exact match keyword .com domain name for $10k to $30m, or .net/org from $5k to $500k !! and that’s a lot for a new entrepreneur.

Option two is to check some boring brand name generators that will suggest you a random made-up names… let’s imagine that we want to search for a travel company name on one of the brand name generator websites:
Here are the results:

You have to admit, these names are pretty boring, misspelled words with no research and not targeted! For me, It’s not really the best tactic.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.
Let’s move to work! Here are some best practices and ideas that you should follow:

# 1.Choose A Type Of Name:

First of all, you need to choose a type of name, there are six different types that pretty much every company in the world falls into one of them:

## 1.Founder Names:

Gucci : Gucci is named after founder Guccio Gucci.
Tiffany & Co : Tiffany & Co is named after founder Charles Tiffany.
Bentley: is named after founder W. O. Bentley.

## 2.Descriptive Names:

Descriptive names are purely descriptive of what a company or product does or its function.

## 3.Invented Names:

Because it’s so hard to find new and unique names, companies like Kodac and Pinterest have Fabricated names by changing, adding or removing letters or combining two or more words for impact.

## 4.Evocative Names:

They work by reflecting imagery and meaning back to the brand, evocative names are interesting to visualize and often can tell a story.

## 5.Acronym Names:

Acronym is just a short-hand version of a descriptive name. Some acronyms are more strategic.

## 6.Real Word Names:

Real words like Uber or Slack are taken out of a dictionary and suggest attributes or benefits.

# 2.Make It Pronounceable And Easy To Remember:

This is the second criteria for a perfect brand name that most people look for and is usually a good one.
If your Brand Name is pronounceable, I mean it should be easy to spell and say and also easy to remember, it would be easier for people to find your website, connect with you on social media, and gush about you to colleagues and friends.
Avoid numbers, hyphens, abbreviations, alternate spellings, and anything else that might trip people up.

3. Make Sure Your Brand Name is available in these extensions (com, net, org, io, co, app) and also, on all social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit )

This point is really important, when you decide to choose a name, you need to check whether this name is available in at least these extensions (com, io, co), and all social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit.

# 4. Pick a Word You Like and Add a suffix Or prefix:

For example, your startup is a shipping company, here are some great prefixes and suffixes you can use:
Prefixes: Get, The, Go, Super, Best, Top, Fast:
SuperShipping, BestShipping, FastShipping.
Suffixes: ify, ily, y, Plus, it, ium:
Shippily, Shippify, Shippy, Shippium, Shippit.
And there are more examples …

# 5. Make Sure Your Selected Name Is Not Trademarked:

There are many companies that have trademarked their names, making it impossible for anyone to use theirs. These trademark issues can limit your options, but it’s really important to look into trademarks so you don’t get into trouble down the line.
Check here for trademark:

6. Ask People About It:

Your preferred brand name might sound great in your own mind but seem kind of stupid to someone outside your circle. Ask people what they think about it.

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