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The spam conspiracy

Here is a situation I’m dealing with. I get spam messages and then I report them like I’m supposed to so it doesn’t affect my response rate. But then, a few days later, my response rate suddenly drops anyway. I ask customer support about it and they give me the standard lecture about how I need to report the messages as spam (even though I clearly told them in my message that I did that). Anyone dealing with this kind of nonsense?


Hi @russflex Thank You for sharing. I think You’re not alone. I also got a message like that. But You must reply it first, just say it with Your quick response answer, that his/her request doesn’t align with the service that You offer. Then You can continue to report it as a spam :slight_smile: I hope this can help You…

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The message is automatically marked as spam. I’ve been in this situation before where I unmarked it so I can reply to them. It never works out because it still gets counted against my response rate. Then I tell customer service about it and they tell me to just report it next time. But, I’m still getting problems with the response rate. I can’t win either way.

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May I know how long you see the message marked as a spam? has it been sent since the beginning? or after a while / minute / hour?

It was a new message that was already marked as spam when I looked at it.

In your case I do not have any ideas, maybe some friends here can help you, or you can wait for answers from customer support. Because in my previous case, I saw the message as a normal message, and after a while, it was marked as spam automatically, even though I did not report it.

It’s an old bug. You have to reply and then report it.
If it already is marked as spam, you have to unlock it, reply and report it again.
This is the only way not have your response rate effected. At least in my experience.


I agree with mario. However sometimes it still causes your response rate to go down no matter what you do.

That’s what I used to do, but then customer support told me not to reply and just report the message. It was working for a while that way, but now the problem is starting again.

They told me that as well. The mentioned work around works for me though.

I usually first unspam than write hi and then report message.

If it is not marked as spam yet, firts i write hi than spam it.

The bad thing we cant spam via mobile app :frowning:

I reply to spam messages. I just say “Not Interested” or something else depending on type of spam/scam message. Then I report it again. In so many years, my response rate never ever dropped. Always 100%.

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My reply always says ‘Your spam has been reported’, what probably stops them from going on.

I received message that Fiverr marked as spam, I didn`t respond and my Response Rate is still 100%.

:smiley: It is a too long message for a spam reply. My fingers get tired. Just “Hi” is enough for spammers :smiley: Maybe in future I will just write “h”

I’ve had my response rate drop a couple of times, when I knew it was inaccurate. CS reset my profile, and it went back up.

Here’s what I was told by CS:
12-13-16. "Our developers have been working hard to provide a quality resolution, but sometimes the response rate can become inaccurate, especially if you receive any spam."
3-3-17: “Our Technical team is working on a permanent resolution for the response rate, but if you think it’s inaccurate like you though now, you can contact us for assistance or clarification.”

Sounds like a known bug to me. :slight_smile:

I agree, @mariokluser.

This is exactly the reason why a buggy metric shouldn’t be part of the monthly evaluation system. But that’s just me.

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I totally agree with that, Mario! I’ve just found it is difficult to get programmers to admit to the existence of a bug. Notice they didn’t actually admit to a bug being the problem. Hence the “change your behavior” responses that are so frequent.

So there is this response rate bug and the 4.7 bug which both are included in our metrics which our levels depend on. :roll_eyes:

At least CS will correct the response rate bug when we ask them to.

yes systems has many flaws that cause this