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The special kind of buyers

It feels so good when a buyer approaches you with an offer which seems perfect and while discussing you realize that he/she is convinced and would be soon placing an order and then after a quite long conversation of say 3 hrs the buyer says that He will be placing the order now and that time never comes.
He asks many questions related to your gig and the answer to them is already in the description but then to be sure they contact you and later demand for relevant samples which are also mentioned on the gig page. After giving them satisfactory information they say that "Thank you for helping me out I will be placing the order with you now and would be surely giving you a tip if the work is as good as you present yourself"
I always wonder…was that sarcasm? I am dead sure that I am always polite and respectful with my clients then why? why do they never come back or even give a closure which is really must ?
They just leave me regretting for the fact that I wasted many hours on them and in return I do not get anything.
Has anyone experienced that? How do you deal with such clients?

These people are scammers. Likely they are going to use your free samples as samples of their own work or sell them on as actual works which they have had created.

As a rule, if someone takes up more than three messages and still don’t place an order, you should cut all communication and let them be.

Time is money and Fiverr is a half amazing freelance platform, half fish tank of scam baiters and idiots. The latter need to be cut off and ignored or you will find yourself working like a dog for buttons and having a very poor Fiverr experience.

Of course, you don’t have to be rude. Just tell a buyer after three messages that you are very sorry but you are actually very busy. In this case, if they would like to place an order, you will look forward to completing their work. If not, wish them well with their present project and let them go.

Cyaxrex has the right of it. I learned early on to not provide “big” samples of writing. I generally keep everything I’ve written, even for other people, around 1,000 words or less. This way when people hit me up with endless questions and continue to ask for samples of my writing they don’t get a whole lot other than small chunks at a time. And it’s always in various different genre’s too.

With your artwork Gigs, always place a large watermark on any samples that you give. That way they cannot be passed off as their work in the future.

When it comes to clients who continually ask questions and promise to place orders, as was stated, simply drop the conversation after three replies. If they don’t place the order by then, they probably never will.

Thank you for your response…I wasn’t aware about this 3 message thing…I will be alert next time. Thank you once again!

I’ve had similar experience early on when a buyer asked me to edit a small sample of theirs to see if I’d be fit for the job. He sent me a 500-word text that wasn’t a part of a larger piece, but actually the entire piece. I edited it thinking that it was some kind of a test sample (I was new and inexperienced) and as soon as I sent it back he replied something like “sorry” and that was it. I’m pretty sure he didn’t even read the edited version before replying as the reply came in within seconds. I’ve learned my lesson, of course.

Rather than chasing buyers and going too far out of your way to accommodate them, be patient and if you’re fair and do good work you will find buyers who are fair too and who will want to work with you, even if the process is a bit frustrating.