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The spooky tale of the Ghost-Buyer!

I am currently working with possibly the most, well, might I say, mysterious buyer ever. They message me in my inbox, perfect English (this is what makes this stranger) and then asks the usual “can you make music for ________?” Naturally, I respond yes, and don’t hear back from them for about three days. The odd part is, despite their horrid response times and broken English they are a V.I.D.

When I attempted to deliver the order, less than a minute later it is rejected for revisions. In broken English, despite being “from the United States,” They deny the file I sent saying it does not match their requirements. I ask them how specifically, and nothing. Due to the file about to be overdue (I waited a solid 20 hours for the buyer to respond and received no answer) I made changes based on their vague rejection and tried to make the file fit more. Rejected again, and asked for a different file format. I provide that file format, and they message me in my inbox asking for me to make changes. I ask them what changes, and they claim they will send an example and then no reply for the rest of the day.

Just now (It’s evening here, and their last message promising an example was early this morning) they message me with no instructions other than “make it softer”. I ask them what exactly they mean by that, and nothing.

Does anyone else have some ghost stories to share (a bit out of season, but whatever) of buyers/sellers vanishing before your very eyes?

UPDATE: The buyer did not request a revision, but is messaging me in my DMs for changes. If they do not request an official revision (and I’m not telling them to because of their uncooperative and vague communication) the order will just autocomplete. I think I actually hit a scam buyer…


At a guess, this is either a reseller and/or a scammer. A reseller can just copy/paste what they were requested, which could explain the ‘perfect’ English. If they’re a scammer on top of that, then they will never be satisfied with the order, as they’re trying to get free work.

I glanced at one of your gigs, and you don’t offer revisions in it. You probably should have immediately countered that revision request with something like:

Thank you for your continued interest in my service. As there are no revisions included in your purchase, the additional cost will be based on the changes you want done. I will happily send you a gig extra once you have submitted the changes you want made.

And then redeliver the order as is.

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I actually inclue unlimited revisions, which I have been quite tempted to remove and change to just 3. The odd part with this one is they didn’t even request another revision, rather going to my DMs.

Then it doesn’t really count as a revision request.

“So many newbies are being taken advantage of here on Fiverr by a small minority of predatory “buyers”.”

Gee, thanks.

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Ah, I forgot that’s what coerdelion had in her opening to the thread. I’m aware you’re not new, so I do apologize for accidentally implying that, but I still have to question your decision on what most would consider a rookie mistake.

I’m just picking on you a bit, I kew that wasn’t your intent. I offer unlimited revisions just to be sure that everything comes out perfectly (music takes a lot of revision for the final product, it’s normally around 2) but this is just an odd buyer. Out of 120 orders, this is an odd one for sure.

Personally, I wouldn’t invest anymore time with this Buyer.

I smell something and it isn’t pleasant.

Severe your ties and run away ASAP.


I smelt it quite a while ago as well. They’ll be lucky if I’m nice enough to leave 2 stars to this mess.

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Anyone else have experience with this? I’m getting ready for them to try to go through CS for a refund, I can see it coming. I think I’ll tell CS about their failure to respond on time and their failiure to request an official revision.

Something to keep in mind :cold_sweat: