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The standard of writing on Fiverr

I have to say, I find the standard of writing on Fiverr quite appalling. That includes the top sellers in the article writing category. I know this because I ordered a few articles when first starting at Fiverr — I was curious to check out the standard. As it turns out, most writers who are offering gigs in English are not native English speakers. I don’t mean to disparage anyone because they are non-native English, but it’s frustrating for a couple of reasons. First, I am a Native-English speaker. Up to this point, I have not had much success with sales; though I am close to level 2. Yet, I see some of the supposed “top writers” producing what is, in my opinion, one level above junk.

There are times when I am busy writing non-Fiverr work and need to hire a writer myself. Finding a writer who is capable of stringing together a coherent sentence is difficult. I have looked over gigs and sent messages to enquire and it’s common to receive a reply such as “I write good grammar article no errors for you. Look forward work with you”. I really am lost for words.
Does anyone else share this opinion?

I wanted to say something rude, but it’s not worth it. You sir, are entitled to your opinion. Thank you and please don’t order my Gig - I know you won’t, but just wanted to make sure, regardless.

There’s nothing I love more than the smell of entitlement on a Saturday morning :slight_smile:

Hello Stevewmac, there have been several threads in the last few months on this subject.
We are all sympathetic to the difficulties of working on an English speaking site if your first language is not English. I can only guess about the reason so many who don’t know basic rules of grammar have writing gigs. It’s one of the oddities of an international job site. You just need to find the many great writers here who really know how to write well.

My experience is complete opposite. I’m a seller and buyer on Fiverr. For my business I hire writing gigs with excellent results. No complaints here.

I can tell who writes English well by reading the gig description, so unless they hired someone else to write that for them, I’m rarely fooled.

Fiverr is for professionals and amateurs, and sometimes you’ll find amateurs that do better than the professionals, other times you find the opposite. Obviously, a guy who writes: “I write good grammar article no errors for you. Look forward work with you” needs to do a lot more reading, but why get angry? A guy like that probably gets very few orders.

I understand your concerns and know that this is a common problem on Fiverr. Even so, it usually isn’t that hard to get around. If you find someone who has good strong reviews (regardless of level status) and a well written gig description, that’s a start. Finding someone displaying writing samples is good.

One reason I would suspect you’ve run into problems is that you may be looking in a price range that isn’t realistic. You have an offering for 2x300 words yourself and that’s $5. That makes sense to me because you are level 1 and building up. If you want to buy, though, finding someone who is willing to produce 600 words for $5 is not easy.

I would be prepared to pay $5 for 50-75 words at best and many of the most competent writers here charge even more than that and their work is worth it. That would also not include extras for research, formatting, images, or any kind of keyword optimization. I bet you’d find someone then but you are going to need to pay very well or buy very short pieces. (Just to be clear, I am not offering my own services. I am not a good choice for your needs.)

I have no idea why you are getting all uppity writer99025. Nothing to do with entitlement at all. Just frustration at the amount of writers trying to pass themselves off as something they are not. To be honest, Fiverr is a side hobby for me, no more. So while I find it frustrating, whether or not I get sales isn’t such a big deal and really isn’t the main point I am making.

misscrystal, I have no doubt there are many great writers here but my experience is that they are in the minority.

steveyes, I’m sure once you have found a good writer on Fiverr then it is not an issue. While I do sell writing gigs here, most of my writing takes place outside of Fiverr and I do get a lot of work which is why I need to hire writers from time to time. Once I find a writer, I will be in the same happy position as yourself.

fastcopywriter, that is the problem. I have read gigs that look fine, have good reviews, but as soon as I message them, it goes downhill. It does have the feel of dishonesty about it. I do have high hopes for a gig I have just ordered so fingers crossed.

fonthaunt, thanks for your point of view. It makes a lot of sense. It might be that I am looking in the wrong places. Though as I mentioned, upon joining, I did order from two of the top rated writers and the quality was poor.

I will continue my search.


I remind myself that there is almost every country represented here. It’s an education.

That is true misscrystal. I understand most people here just want to make money. I order other gigs such as graphics and I know most of them are from non native English speakers and it’s not an issue. The quality of work has been great. Writing is another matter though. The current gig I have ordered appears to be just what I need.

For the record writer99025, the quality of your writing appears to be good and I would have considered ordered from you.

“would have considered ordered from you”

Tsk, tsk. Moaning about standards of English and letting this happen!

LOL. Too tired to respond.

A tip I use is to Google part of a person’s description, just to make sure it hasn’t been stolen from another site. I found a beautiful gig description once, Googled it, and found it had been stolen from a Freelance writer on another site. (Name, picture, and location were all different on Fiverr.)

In my defense, it was around 5am and I had just woken up. :slight_smile:

Thanks copygod, I will keep that in mind.

I’ll let it slide…I’m typos galore myself, sometimes :smiley:

I have found that the majority of people who have issues with the quality of writing on Fiverr want 500 words or more for $5. That is not anywhere close to minimum wage in any English speaking country so you will not get any native English speakers at that rate. It’s that simple.
If you want someone who does quality writing then they will correctly value their work above burger flipper rates.

I am a native speaker and I offer that rate.

Aye, and how much trouble and grief has that landed you?