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The Start of a Journey

Greetings to all,

I have been on Fiverr for 2 years but only started using the site a few weeks ago. With a wide a range of skills, education and experiences ranging from Bar Technology to Performing Arts, providing services on the platform seemed easy.

Boy was that a wrong assumption! There are so many talented and gifted people in this world and I take this time to wish every single one of you the best in your endeavours.

Work hard, work well, be humble and know your worth.


Thank you for the wishes!

You are most welcome.

I guess I will continue to post my progress. We are soon to the end of October and I have had 3 orders so far, with 2 being from a repeat buyer.(Thank you so much!) This particular gig might not be the most requested or needed service but it does fill the void for many who need it. Real world scenarios prompted me to offer such a gig here on Fiverr as the challenge for finding or even asking for assistance in a creative’s weaker areas is very strong. We as creatives completely excel in our given or chosen areas. We paint, we draw, we photograph, we design but many of us then find ourselves in the bind of not being able to express in words, what we have produced. This hinders many, especially in business. People need to know. Potential buyers or commissions, distributors or galleries, stores and shops need to know why, how, what, where and when. Without these answers they may lose interest, think the creator isn’t serious or ready or just plain not be nice. So I offer this service for those who need it and will continue to document my journey here on Fiverr as it goes along. :slight_smile:

Why do you not have a profile picture?

Good day to you,

I would prefer not to place a personal photo of myself but am currently working on an official logo for my company. May I ask why you asked?

I asked because I thought you need a profile picture of some sort so people can remember you. Your gray profile man does not cut it as there are many like that.

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Ah, I see. Thank you for your advice, it is acknowledged.