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The Start of Something Big: Meet Fiverr Pro

2017 has been an incredible year for us. We kicked it off with the launch of our #InDoersWeTrust campaign, focused on helping lean entrepreneurs pursue their passions and create the life and career they want, rather than one their demographic, geographic, or social standing would traditionally dictate.

It’s our community that’s been behind everything Fiverr has been able to accomplish, and all of you continue to be our lifeblood and our driving force. That’s been the case since even our earliest days.

Just seven years ago when we launched, we imagined a world where anyone could find millions of talented professionals from all around the world, and have them start working on a project with the single click of a mouse. Fiverr started with small services, but over time our customers grew to expect more from the platform, recognizing how our fundamental model could be used to do even greater work.

We recognize our role in the lives of entrepreneurs and freelancers everywhere, and consider it our responsibility to be the true home of the doer. All of that points to taking the accessibility and simplicity of Fiverr and expanding it.

Today we are introducing a new product to accomplish that. We’re calling it Fiverr Pro.

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is a new initiative that maintains the “service in a single-click” concept we pioneered back in 2010, bringing world-class, hand-vetted, talent to buyers.

Many of you will wonder what kind of effect Pro will have on the Fiverr you know and love. Let me put your mind at ease–the introduction of Pro services won’t change the necessity and the opportunity that springs from Fiverr. We will always be a place where accessibility and affordability matter, and where anyone can use their talents to pursue their passion. Fiverr Pro simply delivers what Fiverr does best to more and more freelancers and entrepreneurs.

While we plan to roll it out to more categories in the coming months, today you can find Pro services in four initial subcategories: Logo Design; Whiteboard/Animated Videos; Articles & Blog Post Writing; and Social Media Marketing.

Anyone can apply, whether you’re currently part of the community or otherwise. We encourage you to put your application in today, here.

And that’s not all.

As part of our larger goal to continue to lead the digital freelance ecosystem, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of, a high-end video and animation marketplace featuring freelance videographers and animators working with clients such as Facebook, Google, and Slack.

Fiverr and are two like-minded communities of creatives and entrepreneurs. When the opportunity came to bring on such a passionate, focused group, it only felt natural to strengthen our marketplace while broadening our community. will operate independently before eventually joining the Fiverr marketplace fully.

So, as we begin this next exciting chapter we want to hear from all of you. This community has always thrived as a two-sided conversation, so tell us what you think.

Working on a special project? Check out the first selection of Pro Gigs here—and expect many more to come in next few days and weeks.

As always, wake up every day to get shit done and pursue your dreams.

We’ll help you do it.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Thanks for the update. Just a heads up…the links posted above don’t work.


I blame version control. Thanks for catching that! Updated!


I think I’ll do just that, as always.[quote=", post:1, topic:159163"]
While we plan to roll it out to more categories in the coming months,

More means not all? Would be nice to know if one’s category will be in eventually or not at all.

Oh and I love the pro-icon, looks great.


I just read the post. There´s no Voice Over section for PRO right?


One more update focused on making rich richer and poor poorer.


The application is annoying.

You need multiple social media networks to get through the process. Not once does it ask me for the massive clients I have worked for or anything like that. It is social media site after social media site. How does the number of followers I have on social media determine how ‘pro’ I am at writing? Surely, the 4,000 orders I have completed on Fiverr, or the big clients I have worked with outside of Fiverr dictates that I am ‘pro’, yes?


The second page was not loading initially. However, when you focus 100% on social media on the first page, it is clear that you want people with a massive social media presence. I wasn’t asked about any of the projects I have completed until the 4th page. The questionaiire wasn’t even well-designed. It asked “How much do you charge for this project?” Well, how am I meant to know? There was no discussion about the type of project we were talking about. It could be $5. Could be $2,000.


I’m Looking forward to Voice Over being added :slight_smile:


Just applied hope will get in


Okay, thanks for that, I don´t need to remember to apply then once it comes to my category, my work is professional enough, but I’m not much of a social media public person, I just had to retrieve my password to use twitter on an account I logged into last in 2011. No chance lol. Much success to everyone who got and will get in, though! :slight_smile:


I watched the video and it is pretty slick. I do like the idea but at times I wish Fiverr would focus on one thing and get it done before moving on to something new.

Any casual observer who reads the forum can see many established sellers are frustrated with the new algorithm along with the what, where and how of it. I wish fiverr would focus on the algorithm where it makes sense and instead of hiding behind the “we can’t tell you how the algorithm works” which is understandable but that’s not the point. The point is in all my years of working with google algorithm you could at least find some common ground that was understandable. In my eyes, Fiverr’s algorithm is all over the place. You can take someone’s whose criteria is barely noticeable yet their gig is ranked higher than those who have been doing it for years…Oh well, sorry to rant. But in all my years this has been the most frustrated I have been with Fiverr.

I’m going to look into the Pro thing when time permits so I hope the door stays open for a while.

Thanks for keeping us updated on what’s happening.


I thought I was the only one that noticed. Those two in particular - social media and projects - are unnecessary (IMO) and vague, respectively. Still applied, anyway.


OK, here’s what I’ve noticed: all the PRO gigs are mostly priced $500 / $1,000 / $10,000 - I guess that means only services that have such huge prices are taken into account? :confused: And I also expected to see at least some ratings on PRO gigs, but saw none at first glance… I don’t know, something doesn’t feel right at the moment about this feature.


I believe the PRO gigs were started from scratch, so as they only launched today, they won’t yet have any feedback.

Might have been a better idea to take an existing gig with good feedback and promote it to Pro?


Here’s one question, @mjensen415, will the pro gig be tied into your general profile or will it stand on a profile of its own? I can’t really determine based on what I’ve seen.


I seriously hope this is just a late april fools joke. I’ve checked some of the works presented by the so called PRO’s, and honestly they have nor present anything special.

For example there’s a gig that starts at $1000 and promises a custom logotype while he offers fonts or variations of fonts. Even his gig’s profile picture is just a variant of Delicate Bold font.

I honestly don’t know how these gigs/people are picked.


well there are no reviews, because we were asked to create new ones from scratch.

And the new gigs had to follow specific guidelines and meet specific standards.

So nothing fishy about pro gigs with 0 ratings, they literally went live 2 hours ago.

(even though they were created weeks ago)

You can offer any type of service you want, as long as it falls under the 4-5 categories they picked for launch.
As long as your offering is for one of the categories that support the new feature, you can offer anything you want at ANY price. If the review team finds that your offering is not as good as the price indicated, they will not publish your gig.

simple as that.


I just check one seller profile having around 120 reviews but his gig is really awesome.
Now we do not need to wait to get a lot of reviews to head up over the crowd :smiley:
I really Like new badge (system)
It will be awesome if Fiverr Introduce Pro badge in Programming & Tech category :smiley:


Just applied for the PRO and if accepted will launch a new AE explainer video service. Wanna how long will the application process be?