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The Start of Something Big: Meet Fiverr Pro


Well, in that screenshot I see a subtle difference that might not get noticed or understood by buyers.

The leftmost gig says “I will write for your blog”, which sounds like they’re going to write on a regular basis for a blog, which would explain the price tag. The rightmost says about writing a single post on a blog.

I might be wrong… but some buyers will not see any difference, and will think it’s an attempt to rip them off… but I’m sure they’ll get a lot of Inbox messages asking what the difference between the two is.


I applied. I do love the idea. It makes sense. The application process does ask for social media presence as well as general web presence. You do get a chance to link to your portfolio or samples of work. You do get to link to and share who you may have written for. I get the sense they are looking not just for top sellers on Fiverr with umpteen thousands of reviews. I think, based on what I have seen and the app, they want people who have a presence beyond Fiverr and are really pros in their field and have presented on topics in their field and worked with big time companies in their field.

I wish there was a space in the app to give more of a story. It is hard in their application to truly explain all I do for Fiverr and off Fiverr with the spaces they give and questions they ask.

We shall see. This could be a real boon for some people who do this for a living at the top level of their catagorey.

No room in the app for attachements either. It would be nice if they like you enough to vet you more via skype or on the phone.


Looks like they are trying to take advantage of the pro label to make money. I think the marketplace will sort the pricing out like it did with packages.


Well said. I think this will help long established sellers who may do this full time and do well do even better.
My experience here tells me though, that as you grow your profile, pro, trs, or level 1, and you get the reviews and build a portfolio to share, you can set your prices at what you are worth and do well.

I started at level one and worked my ars off to get where I am and do what I do. And I could not aptly explain what I do in the application for pro because it seems set up to find people with large followings, certificates, and who are truly doing this for a living at a high level.


One more thought. This will be interesting to see if it helps Fiverr land big companies, or if people come to see the pros, see the prices, and go to the non pro’s for the same thing for less.

I think some people who become pro may just decide to offer the same service for more because of the label. My two cents.


Clearly you have a pro Gig. How did you get picked? What was it like to set up? Do share.

About the Pro Gigs - No Reason to Worry

Good point about this building trust and being new to all.


Possibly. Or, it could bolster the regular sellers who are appealing to Fiverr’s original market, and come here looking for affordable value. If you have two gigs, both offering the same service, but one costs $1000, and the other costs $25, savvy buyers are probably going to pay more attention to the $25 gig.

If Fiverr is hoping to capitalize on a “professional” high-cost market, they have a LONG way to go in order to change the current affordability culture that has made them who they are. I’m not sure this Fiverr Pro thing is going to transition the site culture as easily as they hope.

I build brands for a living. The name, “Fiverr”, doesn’t really capture that $1000 market feel. But it does scream affordability.

Fiverr has an upill battle ahead of them. It will be interesting to see how they pursue this transition.


I agree with you that they have a long way to go. I think they saw an opportunity to appeal to larger companies with higher marketing budgets while getting freelancers who work offline for much more to come on the platform as well as pullover sellers and buyers from other platforms like upwork where you can charge way more. It makes business sense. The implementation and how it will affect the Fiverr brand and market are yet to be seen. It is hard to to be a nimble and flexible company as you grow they way Fiverr has, especially in an ever changing marketplace.

One reason I am glad I do not rely on this for my full time salary: too unpredictable.


Everything about this is extremely biased.


I see so many problems with this. The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that Fiverr is attempting to change the very foundation the site was built upon; affordable, simple service.

I love the way Fiverr has built upon this with more advanced pricing, levels, and the opportunity to work on larger projects via Fiverr. It has really made so many talents shine! But now Fiverr is facing a different problem; it’s trying to be two things at once!

It wants to be the same, cheap marketplace full of micro-services done by freelancers, and at the same time, it’s trying to be an agency. In graphics, writing, you name it - Fiverr is trying to grab some market shares from the large agencies that work at a completely different level than us. Big clients, big money.

Now the idea of a freelance marketplace for professionals is not a bad one. Fiverr could definitely grab a chunk of the market with its Pro service. But Fiverr can’t be BOTH a cheap marketplace for freelancers and buyers to communicate micro-services, and an agency for the big buffs - all in the same place.

Let me explain why I feel this is going to be a problem:

  • The buyers who come to Fiverr today, expect to be met with several micro-services done by freelancers. The price is expected to be accordingly: micro. Of course, many sellers will provide better service at higher rates, but the core idea is that it’s cheap to shop for services on Fiverr. This will confuse the buyers. This has been pointed out by others in this thread as well.

  • Combining the regular sellers with the Pro sellers will unbalance the dynamic of the site. A 1000 dollar voice-over next to a 5 dollar voice-over. I mean, the two don’t belong in the same marketplace.
    You don’t go to Wallmart when you want a shiny new Armani suit. You don’t go to the tailor when you want a generic t-shirt.

  1. Quality control. Fiverr claims that manual vetting of the sellers will make sure the Gig is professional. But when a seller can simply become a pro by having a big set of social profiles with many followers and a 10k USD price tag on the same service they provide for 20 USD on their normal Gig - what is the purpose, and how will it be a proven fact that this is the fantastic pro quality promised? I mean… An explainer video for 10.000 USD? Not even pro agencies charge that much.
  • Un-focused. We’re ending up with a bunch of “normal sellers” mixed up with "Pro sellers. This just might push many of the talented people who didn’t get to be a pro, out of the marketplace. It should not be combined, both for the buyer, seller, and Fiverr sake.

It’s a distinctly different concept, and it’s not what Fiverr was built upon.


Seriously, isn’t this basically for those people that have a large following on social media? Who thought of this? This is literally horrible.


WOW, just noticed the kinda gigs that are pro…amazing simply amazing Fiverr. You did it, you managed to outdo Pepsi.


I looked at the pro gigs in my writing cat. Wow! These are top tier pro’s who have written for big time companies that are well known the world over: cnn, forbes, etc. The packages they offer are sick. $250 for 4 blog post a month of 400 words. And that is the basic one. I mean, I make more than that with one client allone who gets two a week. I can not compete with that experience and presentation of the Gig. It is unreal. This is a game changer for sure. I am personally very anxious about how this will affect my sales.

Will people come to FIverr, see a Gig that has a writer with such experience, such a concise gig, which I am sure Fiverr helped him set up as he is new, and want to work with someone less premium?

And the search results are flooded with all Pro gigs. It is as if that if what they want people to choose, or big money clients anyway. Imagine how this will boost Fiverr’s revenues. So many sides to this launch that it could be a doctoral thesis.


And they’re getting to link to sites outside Fiverr in their gig descriptions - don’t they know they’re not supposed to do that? :wink:


This is amazing. Well done Fiverr well done!!!


Loving the optimism but there’s no way this is going to work out for anyone. The entire approach with this “BIG THING” is to get people that have a large following bring their followers to Fiverr and buy extremely expensive services.

If Fiverr was the only Freelance site that would have worked but why would anyone bother to buy something from these “PRO” sellers that have nothing to prove their skills. I’ve seen their gigs and honestly compared to the other more established sellers on the platform they don’t even come close.

From what I can tell, the entire criteria is their online presence and overpriced gigs. ON TOP OF ALL THAT THE ALGORITHM IS STILL A MESS!

What about sellers like me that target their audience and relies on groups to get orders from Social Media? The majority of my sales were from social media this and last month. Does that count for anything? Does the time I spent grinding for all my damn reviews mean nothing? I don’t complain often but this is truly frustrating.


The more I think about it, the less optimistic I get…


So… they scouted here and elsewhere for participants in the trial version of PRO? Wouldn’t that send an awkward if not uneasy message to buyers? I mentioned this somewhere on the forum before, but there is another site that I participate on that specializes in a little bit of everything and launched a new addition to the site whose blueprint is similar to fiverr’s; i.e. offer a service for purchasing by buyers.

There, they sent invites to high performing sellers from categories within their platform to participate. This is probably jumping the gauntlet a bit but isn’t using two different sources for candidates to sign up for PRO be it live or trial a fish slap to the face? There are sellers here that have worked their derrière off to get to where they are and from the looks not many were contacted to participate in the trial launch.

What if a buyer stumbles across this post and reads the contents here in? When the idea of vetting sellers was mentioned/suggested I’m sure this is not what many had in mind. Vetting a seller entails rewarding those who have worked hard to get to where they are at.

This translates into contacting said sellers first and foremost before venturing elsewhere to test something platform related. Though a better way to launch a PRO feature would be to offer it as a level increase to long standing sellers. From TRS to PRO; that would have been better and possibly made more sense since it is straight forward.

Apologies for hijacking your news post.


I saw one TRS in my catagory offering 1 500 word blog post for $200. She post in the forum a lot, so am hoping she will chime in. That is crazy. Maybe some equate money to quality. $200 for 1 500 word post. Come on man.