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The Start of Something Big: Meet Fiverr Pro

I’m with you on this. I have massive clients offline and have completed a lot of work on Fiverr, but all it seems to be interested in is followers elsewhere. I think I’ll give Pro a miss and work more on my offline clients.


I am not sure how long the vetting process is now, after launch.

Pre-launch it took close to a month, all things considered. (initial contact, vetting, gig reviewing)


where in the video explainer category did you see an “average” looking PRO gig?

PM me please so we can respect forum rules.

But I need to see what your criteria is.

Still waiting @myexplainervid


I can’t speak for other categories, but LOGO DESIGN is definitely insane prices for average quality work as @myexplainervid said.


Well, I can only speak for the video category myself.


The survey was annoying. Tons of questions about social media followers etc. I work as a voice-over, not a marketing expert, and I keep my social media profiles private to friends and family. I can’t see what this has to do with my work.

Hardly any questions about my actual clients, reviews etc. I don’t know what to think of this yet. Maybe we just have to give it some time to evolve. Or maybe I simply belong on the regular Fiverr, since I don’t have 20 social media accounts and a massive following…

I’m very dissatisfied with the fact that Pro gigs now are showing up along with regular Gigs. This whole thing should be a separate service in my opinion. We already have L1, L2, TRS… And now this Pro thing… I’m not sure how this is going to work out… It affects the excisting structure of Fiverr in a way I’m not happy about.


i am too much excited and want to be the part of fiverr pro i just love this idea


like I said: send me a pm. problem solved. :slight_smile:


A Pro Gig is tied to your general profile, yes. As a seller you can have both standard and pro Gigs live.


I believe Fiverr Pro editorial team should have gone through some serious thoughts when approving and deciding which gig to be shown as "PRO"
Like myself, I also thought my gig and works are somehow better than those ranking above me hahaha, but I respect this free market :slight_smile:


aren’t you using an online service for your videos?

I’m pretty sure you do. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback @smashradio. It’s important to note that level of social influence, followers, etc does not determine success or failure of an application. In some cases, it doesn’t have anything to do with work. It’s a good way to understand a broad portfolio of a sellers work when applying.

As for L1, L2, TRS. Those are levels for Sellers. A Pro Gig is a new level of Gig. As a seller, you can offer both standard and Pro Gigs.


Thanks for clearing that up. I have applied, but unsure if it will go through. I’m in a very small niche and market with my VO-work. The thing I perhaps disliked most about this is that Pro gigs show on the regular Fiverr site with no filtering… I see someone else pointed this out earlier as well. But like I said, maybe we just have to see how this evolves. New things have a way of being “hated upon” in the beginning.

Thanks for your reply @mjensen415


@mjensen415 Hello, can I ask about what this means in relation to the ‘your privacy is important to us’ bit in the ToS? In many cases, people’s social media accounts will tell you exactly who they are, where they live etc.

Does one ‘only’ have to disclose such information to Fiverr (where it will be available for some unknown number of random staff members already) or how is this information dealt with, is it even accessible to customers in some way, I’m thinking of something from the earlier ‘Category Development Inititiative’ post - “Accepted sellers will be exposed to top Fiverr buyers,”, does this exposed only mean that top Fiverr buyers will see only or predominantly the pro gigs or will they have more information like for example the social media presence of the sellers?


i found all pro gigs are not rated - not any level sellers - isn’t weird?
buyers will not trust - High price gig with not rated - :wink:


@fast_editing We have to consider that the gigs are very new. But at the same time, I see some below average gigs with “Starts from 10.000 USD”… with no reviews (obviously)… I wonder how they are chosen…


Simple question: who chose those pretty huge prices? Was it the gig owners?

Because for some reason they all have similar price ranges, and I doubt they all spoke & agreed each other on those ranges. So I’m more inclined to think it was Fiverr who set those prices, but then again, on what criteria?


The Articles & Blog Posts category has now been messed up. It is dominated by $250 gigs now, with the cheaper ones being pushed to the bottom. The PRO logo is exceedingly distracting. Nobody in their right mind will spend $100s on something like that. None of them even have proper descriptions.


We chose how to price our gigs.

The reason why they may be similarly tiered, is becuase we were finally able to price according to market’s standards.


The pro gigs are brand new. Everytime a new gig is published it has 0 reviews. :slight_smile: