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The Start of Something Big: Meet Fiverr Pro

Chill out guys, there is no need for arguments here for something that just implemented and not sure whether it will be taken out months later…
What I would suggest to Fiverr is that for the PRO, the selling prices must not be on the same range as of those regular sellers’ gigs.
Example for video animation, the PRO must set to let’s say minimum entry $1000/60sec animation. This way, the PRO sellers will not be allowed to take advantage of their status and lowering their prices.

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Yeah - We all are chilling out from last 3 months - 1st they said “Algo” test - that’s result was mess after this - I think, they just wanted to see our reaction on this! Every new thing do mess a lot!! :slight_smile:

I found Fiverr 1.0 was better than this :wink: - If anyone one remember fiverr 1.0 version :slight_smile:

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I agree with you


@frank_d, if you’re free to set your own price then have you considering lowering it to normal Fiverr price? You’d be at the top of the list with an appealing price :slight_smile:

(Again, I’m not saying you aren’t worth $2K, but if you lower it to what buyers are used to here then you’d surely drive you PRO competition out of business. Not that they have any business right now with those prices :stuck_out_tongue: )

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That sort of defeats the purpose though.

The reason why I set my prices like that, is because for me to offer what I am offering, each video costs me a rather high number of work hours. So I offer a $2.000 entry price, but my quality output is roughly 4x as good as my $500 mobile app explainer video gig. (not to mention my pro offering also adds: video consulting, vo track, music track, my 12+ year experience as a director, original illustrations, storyboards, style frames, and much more I cannot reveal here.)

You keep focusing on price, disregarding the quality factor and what it costs me to provide a studio-level quality video on my own.

If I lower my price, I need to lower the level of quality, which means I could just offer a regular gig and be rid of this PRO headache.


I wonder if anyone has seen an increase in orders today?
I’ve seen news articles about this Pro thing, and people are talking about it on Twitter. Surely some people will want to know more (maybe they’re not aware of what Fiverr offers, or they forgot about the site). They visit the page, see something they like, and place an order.
Could be wonderful publicity.


When you will gradually open Fiverr Pro in more categories and subcategories like web design etc ?


This is AMAZING :wink:

Pro gig showing in Avg Customer Review - New seller gig with 0 review - be careful if you have avg customer review = :smile:


Really … I have finished over 10 000 Projects here on fiverr, with 100% positive rating, trying to provide as best as possible services for minimum price.

Now fiverr present few pro selers whitch have better position and better gig promotion in Avg. Customer Review


Again, $1000 for a logo :fearful:

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yeah…that’s call mess :wink: Top gig positioning and Ranking with 0 review! and you’ve 10000s with 100% Then you’re just not lucky as they are :slight_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You seem to be basing the Social Media following thing on the application form. On the original application form, I don’t think that there was any of the social media questions so all the Pros got their gigs approved without a following…

Have you applied to Pro? If not then you can’t really complain in a “What about me?” way. It is open for applications from everyone. I’m not planning to though, my optimism comes from a couple of other things such as the fact that I can now price my gigs at a rate which is closer to its actual worth and it won’t look out of place, that Fiverr can no longer be described as the “cheap only” or “low quality” platform which it was viewed as in many sectors.
My main point is, this has happened and there are positives we can take from it and some negatives we can work around but the main thing is that Fiverr is taking big steps in certain areas and that has to be a positive.


I have Gigs in Digital marketing–>SEO–>Off page. Can I apply for Pro or we should wait for when Fiverr will launch Pro seller for offpage?


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Offering a Pro service is not about any one thing. Essentially what is required is the ability to provide a high level custom service and to show that you have completed these in the past either on Fiverr or elsewhere. I am sure a big following could be taken into account but if you don’t have one, it is not a reason to not apply. Many of the Pros do not have a big following on Social Media.

My advice for you (and what I am doing myself) is to reassess the services you offer, decide on the prices you want to offer, add in some more detail about the service you offer, add features to it etc.
The reason is that most of the Pro gigs I have seen simply do not look value for money. Most of the sellers are new/inexperienced on Fiverr and so they have not set up their gigs well or used their descriptions well. They also have 0 reviews on them and at the prices that have been set, I could only see them getting a handful of reviews over the next few months, if that. You are a level 2 seller with a good few reviews, to most buyers you will be a more attractive proposition than someone who is asking for a minimum of $100 to get a sample sized text.
The opportunity is there for everyone to take advantage of this situation.

I see pro featured is not available for web development category yet.


I don’t know much about explainer videos, so maybe your gig offers 10 times more value compared to others in your category. I guess time will tell if there’s a market for these PRO gigs or not.
Who would have known that this PRO badge was the only thing holding us back from raising our prices & quality :wink:

I’m not upset that sellers are offering higher priced gigs. I actually welcome this because I’ll probably make more sales with my lower price range.

I’m upset that the great idea of vetting sellers and creating another level was so poorly implemented.
Instead they could have created a separate listing for external professionals who offer their service with exceptional discounts here on Fiverr. That way you can easily explain the price difference (established professionals vs freelancers), you’ll be talking to a different audience and over time you can start moving freelances from here to so called PRO platform with additional benefits.

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I agree that implementation could have been better.

and yet this is your 3rd post poking around my pricing and whether or not my service may be worth it.

well not sure about that. As a TRS seller I can sell a package up to $995. Not sure what your cap is as a lvl 2 seller, but I figure that’s the only thing holding you back really. If you haven’t decided to raise your pricing/level of service, then maybe you have a certain POV that stops you from doing that? I certainly don’t think the PRO badge has anything to do with that.

Now re: the badge itself
The PRO badge comes when a seller has been sort of “certified” by fiverr for a specific category. At least that’s what they are aiming for. To provide buyers with a sort of “seal of quality” thing to reassure them about pro gigs.

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Yeah I’ve been poking you a lot :slight_smile:
If any Fiverr staff would reply here then I’d poke them to understand the PRO initiative.

I should get back to work anyways, so thanks for the answers.


Amazing Service. :slight_smile:


@frank_d I would like to thank you for giving so much feedback and insight on this thread. It has been extremely helpful to understanding the process and ideology behind the Pro system. I note that other Pro sellers chose to remove comments after being “poked” whereas you went on to explain things even in the presence of some negativity and tough questions. Perhaps if more Pro sellers were involved in the discussion it might help everyone to see the points you are making repeatedly regarding the fact that Pro services are to be completely different to other services and that those charging 3 and 4 figures are actually not direct competitors for the majority of sellers.
Anyway, thanks again.