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The start of something New!


Hi, yeah that was the single from High School Musical. Was I the only one who thought that? Probably, I’m such a geek sometimes! Haha, anyways, I’m Kiara Henry. I’m a Sophomore student trying to find my passion. It’s close to the ending of a new beginning. LIFE. College, bills, treacherous taxes. I’m afraid of it if I’m being honest here. The on thing I am sure about my future, is that I want to be a Journalist. I started writing at a young age, and have books upon books filled of silly old stories, lyrics and poems from my early childhood. A few months ago actually, a box with the books in them were flooded in my aunts kitchen. I only have three left, the rest were destroyed back then. With that being said, I need to catch up on my past, write even more and try to make a bit of money from it to ensure my future is complete. All of the money I will earn here on Fiverr will go to a camera for my digital portfolio, a professional laptop to do research in writing, and a better writing space. If you can, even if you may not need anything written from such a noob like me, just stop by and check out my gig! It would really mean a lot to me if you just sneak a peek at it. I also have a GoFund me starting up shortly, the money there will be going into my college funds, and further pursing more interest I have in this world.

Thank you for reading, and while you’re at it, let me know about your gigs and what you are trying to pursure. Thanks again!

  • Kiara Henry :slight_smile: