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The "start order" button is NOT working

I have just placed and paid for an order but I cannot start it and submit my information because the “start order” button is NOT working.

I have tried 3 different browsers, I have cleared my cache. still nothing happens when I press the “start order” button. the page is just frozen.

Contacted support, not sure if they will ever get back to me? wondering what to do next!!


wow I have two orders that won’t start due to this problem so how was it fixed for you?

Same here… got an order from a regular client… It says the buyer submitted the information for the order to commence, but on my side, it says Nudge Buyer and the timer isn’t going.


Glad I’m not the only one.

Well it fixed itself after 12 hours, BUT I have just paid for 2 more orders and now have the same problem yet again!

I am able to submit the information the seller is asking for then the page freezes and just shows a “start order” button.

I’m hoping this will also fix itself

Have yet to receive any response from customer service on my original ticket!

Fiverr is FULL of bugs

It seems to be the app that is not working. When my buyers placed the orders on their PCs they went through.

I’m on the PC and have also tried Samsung Tab, IPad, and iPhone still facing the same issue

Reply to @xmorphmanx: Submit a ticket.

Any luck with this? Doesn’t work for me either.

Try again in a few hours, is probably a little glitch. Your order is paused so time is not running until you place the details.

Same issue by me, after I enter all info, I press Start order, and the page gets blank from all the info I filled out, and doesn’t start the countdown.
Should I contact customer service, or they’ll anyway not reply before a few weeks?
Thank You All.

any resolution on this issue? I’m having the same problem

4/7/16. I have’t been able to play any orders. The Order Now button is not woking on the pages or on the offer forms.

I checked and a file I uploaded had not completed. I canceled it and re-uploaded it and then it worked

This keeps happening to me. Damn annoying. In my case I think it’s something about the uploaded file being small.

Seriously, buying gigs here is painful and takes way too long.

I have the same problem

Guys. With the application on the phone still works. The only problem with the browser.