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The State of Fiverr Facebook Comments & Fiverr Support


So I’ve noticed a trend in the Fiverr Facebook comments. It seems that on nearly every single post that Fiverr makes, the vast majority of comments are concerning “my case needs to be solved” or “CS is not responding”

Fiverr social media staff usually reply to one or two of the comments, but the vast majority go unnoticed. As they should, because FB is a social platform not a support platform.

I’ve been thinking though, why is this? There aren’t too many other companies plagued by the same issue, and among those that I know of I don’t see a common factor. I’ve always thought that the Customer Support form and ticket interface could use some major upgrades (read receipts, ticket statuses, heck maybe even a proper support dashboard), but is that really the cause?

What do you guys think, or, what do you think could be done to streamline support for both the support reps and customers?


They did at one point say that all support issues were going to be removed from the FB page, and it did get better for a few days.

It’s back to being a car crash again.

I really don’t know why it should be so much worse on Fiverr’s FB page than for any other business.

I pity the poor Fiverr employee on FB duty!


Sure, CS could be improved but I have never had an issue with it personally. I have disagreed with their responses sure, but overall I don’t have an issue.
I think the time it takes for a response could be improved greatly in the medium term if all buyers and sellers actually read how the site works before starting to use it. If the forum is anything to go by, most issues are down to the initial laziness/hurry of the relevant buyer or seller. Unfortunately, these kind of people are also the most likely to go and start spamming their issue everywhere such as tweeting it or responding to unrelated Facebook posts.

The sense of entitlement and self importance is extremely strong however the concepts of self reliance and responsibility have never been entertained.

It is these people who clog up the CS of all sites.


Totally agree - I’ve had a few minor issues, but every time CS have been excellent - I certainly wouldn’t take to FB to sort it out.

There do seem to be a lot on there who have had their accounts shut and are complaining about having to wait to get their balance.

And, yes, you’re right - if only they’d read the T&C and learn a bit more!


The majority of those types who have had their accounts shut are likely to have broken the rules. I’d be quite happy if they didn’t get their money as they are likely to have damaged the reputation of the site and consequently the other sellers on the site. Giving it to charity or spending it on a round of drinks at the next Ambassador’s party would be preferable IMO.


There are plenty of users who post on Facebook because they believe they will get more attention using a public medium. To some extent, it’s probably true.


Probably yeah. Like I said, Fiverr does respond, its just I wish there wasn’t a need for them to do it.

I’ve had some awesome experiences on Twitter with support-specific accounts. Some companies have dedicated Support accounts to help separate the complaints from the general social stuff, and the response time and quality I have gotten there have been superb

And I have to agree with @eoinfinnegan, while we have seen several cases of real concern, a lot of the support stuff we see can be solved by people reading the TOS


Now that you mention it, there is a Fiverr support twitter account but it hasnt been active in about a year


So I was looking at a United Airlines Facebook post and it seems they have the same issue. Lots of begrudged customers complaining, few comments about the actual post.

I wonder what factor separates FB pages from having their comments cluttered with complaints versus regular old comments.