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The state of freelancing today

As a former freelancer, when I look into the freelancing landscape these days, I’m like…man, it’s tough. I don’t think I could have done what I did again.

Reminds me pretty much of the Indian stock market. Back in the late 1990s, early 2000s, stock market investing was easy for us…just a couple of dozen high quality companies. You can’t go wrong with those. Easy money, stable money.

Then as the markets developed, so many new technologies and methodologies were introduced. New ways of making money. More people got involved. But did it become any easier?

No, it became harder. More chaotic, more complex. Is there still money to be made in the stock market?

Yes, but you gotta be a real pro for that these days. To make money consistently is very hard and very rare. While success of early investors has attracted millions of new wannabes, the easy money isn’t there to be had anymore.

Same with freelancing. Same with, dare I say, Kindle self-publishing. But the tough and persistent will always survive. They may not exactly thrive in the same way their counterparts did in the early days, but they will do okay.


Kindle self-publishing used to be very lucrative. I remember when people would hire a writer to write a 50-page book about fishing, self-esteem, fixing an engine, etc, and make money.

But as it often happens, a lot of people start doing the same, and it becomes harder to make money.

Investing is a different matter, there are places that teach investing, there are people that buy a stock at 10am, sell it at 11am, and can make $100 to $900, depending on how much they invest. But you have to know how to read the graphs, understand the candlesticks, stochastics, etc. I’m barely getting started on a Wall Street course, they even have simulator so we can invest fake money and see how we do.


By all means invest, but definitely don’t ever trade. If you do, make sure to only do so using an arbitrage trading strategy where you are (in theory) always guaranteed to make a profit.

I attempted trading crypto. All it did was make me poorer, balder, and resentful about life. :frowning:

Why would I buy a $270 course if I didn’t want to invest real money at some point? For the longest time, people told me not to put all my eggs in one basket, to look for alternatives, I think investing is an alternative. If I can learn to make $100 to $500 a day, I’d be very happy.

Right now I’m driving for Uber, working at Home Depot, and barely doing Fiverr since I rarely get orders. I need something else. I assure you that the course isn’t an MLM, there’s no recruiting people, and they don’t make a dime from our trades.


I used to buy and sell stocks but don’t have the nerve for it and stopped. I learned to place multiple orders on a stock as it is falling.
It’s counter intuitive. You can actually make money in stocks that way i because the stock will turn around at some point and go back up so you have gotten in at multiple points as it was going down. Real estate is better.


Not a big fan of trading. Did a lot of day trading/positional trading once, lost money, which was why I got into freelancing in the first place. You lose as much as you win. Even the best traders have a strike rate of 60 per cent as best. Nobody can time the markets accurately all the time even with all the knowledge of technical charts and so on.

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My strategy is somewhat similar. Focus on 8 to 10 quality stocks. Buy on dips.

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