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The story about How Did I learn about Fiverr

Well, I didnt think about being a freelancer. A few days ago I was watching YouTube videos. I stumbled upon video by some blogger ( I dont remember her nickname). So, this girl wanted different people edit her photo. So, she open some mobile app ( which later turn out Fiverr) and she was looking for editor of different prices, levels and so on. So she chose some editors and paid them. Some people edited her photo well, some people did it really poor quality, and only one editor did it relly good so that she liked it and was able to put her photo on instagramm. So, i think: hmm, Id never heard about this site, but I edit photo well and I can try because I work as a photographer and editor and I edit photo not worse than that last editor. Then, Im here, I`m waiting for orders:) Check my works on my profile!

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I’m here because of her too!

But i’m not getting any costumers

oh, im too!:joy: its only start, my dear

My story from buyer to level one seller on fiverr.

You will have your customers come in quickly. My advice, start with $5 and grow up the ladder gradually. This will help you build confidence because some customers may not rate your delivery as you expect so its best to start gradually with $5. There you meet different types of customers and learn how to manage them before you start earning the big bucks.