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The story behind my level 1 badge


Khalid! Khaid! Khalid! (my mom was shouting),
“It’s 10:00 am, why you are still sleeping?” she said angrily. I knew that this is the end of my peaceful sleep so I woke up and went to the washroom. Suddenly I realised today is the last delivery day of my 9th order, So I just freshened up somehow and opened my laptop. Tap the word ‘F’ and my browser knows what it means so it took me to fiverr. I saw it’s just 5 minutes so i just delivered it quickly. Suddenly I saw a pop-up came saying congrats for my level 1 badge!
I was like ‘Is it real?’

Than I started to think that i just finished 9 orders and 10th is running so how can i get level 1 badge whereas my friends got it after finishing more than 15 orders…
Than I remeberd once a senior told me that always try to active on fiverr forum it’s gonna give you so many advantages, from that day i did followed his words, I started to roaming around on the forum, read some posts, tried to help people as much as i could,
I also posted 3 threads and i got great response from other forum members…
I think these are the reasons why i got my badge so early…

That day i thought, I’m a freelancer, so there’s no peaple around me who gonna appreciate if i achieve something, even in my country 70% people don’t really know what freelancing is,
So forum is the place where i can find people like me, who gonna appreciate my achievements, give me great suggestions.

So i was very happy when i got my level 1 badge not because of the badge but because of the fact that i’ve got a reason to write on the forum and share my happiness with my awesome folks.

Thanks to Fiverr Forum.


@khalid277144, just curious - how many sales made in New Seller incarnation? Just curious of what needs to be delivered to get to that level. Congrats, as that was a tough nut to crack. Continued success!


@promodrone, Thanks…
These are the fiverr’s official condinition for being a level one seller-

30 days active on Fiverr
Completed at least 10 individual orders
Maintain a 4 star rating and above
Have a low cancellation rate


@khalid277144, 3 outta 4 ain’t bad, but, it’s number 2 that’s stinkin’ bad right now for me :rofl:


Congrats on your level 1 badge


That’s so obvious for every seller i guess, just keep doing your work and don’t bother about the badge and one day you gonna see the pop up saying congrats for your level 1 badge!:blush:
Wish all the luck…:slightly_smiling_face:


@burnbetty, Thanks :blush:


Congrats and Keep up the good work. So next milestone is getting level2 badge so good luck :slight_smile:


Many thanks,
yeah i’m eagerly looking forward to that…


Hopefully, you will get it soon. Just focus on quality work.


You welcome,all you said in your write up is noted


Will try my best…:slightly_smiling_face:


I know getting level 1 is really something special for newbie :wink:


Congrats on making Level 1! It goes to show hard work and perseverance pays off!


Congrats my friend! :slight_smile:


This will be a nice start :sunglasses:


@excelassist surely it is,
Thank you very much…