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The story of a website, developer and the buyer

So, this dude came to me in 08:33JANUARY 21, 2016, and asked me to create a website for him. He also wanted to copy the layout from one of his competitor’s website but change the color combination to suit his logo.

I agreed on it and I also told him that I will not replicate the website. i will only design a website that will look closer to the same website.

He agreed. I delivered the product on time.

He replied after 10 days that I didn’t update the pages. Being an idiot, I thought he might have paid me $260 for the website and I must have promised to setup the pages too. So, I started working on the pages and updated around 26 pages with design. Plus, I also designed sliders, quiz forms, contact forms and much more things. I also setup complex plugins for him not knowing the fact that this person only paid $180 which is very low for this type of job.

He kept on demanding new pages and started sending me screenshots of the missing pages. I thought it was my fault and i started working on them asap

But, today, I had a lot of free time. I checked every single message and found out that his initial request was to create a website with the same layout but different color scheme.

I was pissed. A LOT.

I, then went to this website server to calculate the amount of hours I’ve spend on his website modifying it. To my surprise, I found out that I’ve spent more than 140 hours on his website working.

i contacted the fiverr customer support and lodged a complain against this buyer.

Now, he is telling me in the inbox that I wasted his time and money and he will go to the customer support for a refund.

Don’t worry. If you have contacted support already they will look into this matter for you. You have to give them screenshots to proof that this buyer is just trying to squeeze free work out of you. Show them the proof by attaching the screenshots of the original message and the work you have done so far. Best of luck!

I thought I only had to send them the order no. Can’t they just see all my messages?

They might be able to, but you’ll make it much easier for them if you send them relevant screenshots.