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The story of your first gig?

Anyone feel like sharing their first gig story? What was the gig, how smoothly did it go, etc? I know this kind of looks like the Introduce Yourself thread, but I don’t usually see much about the first gig. I just feel like reading those first stories :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m hoping to be successful in one or two gigs and not have so many going at once. I figure for now I need to try several things to see which will work best for me. I originally thought I wanted to spend all my time writing blog posts and articles, but I’m not used to having to do it on command and with such a short deadline that it’s stressful!

My first gig is still my only gig… been around since the near beginning and although tweaked slightly along the way it’s the same gig that I first posted.

Just wish people would read the gig description like as I have had to mutually cancel well over 2000 :frowning:

My first gig is my current family tree gig and it is growing strong

Oh God I don’t remember the first order but it was for a gig I still offer. It was for my logo gig. I literally was nervous as hell trying to make sure that the customer liked it. After that all the orders started flowing in like crazy. So I started offering graphic design, writing, and business services.

That’s so thoughtful for you to start this topic! I was just gonna start a topic on this but then I found this thread!

My story is I was a seller on Fiverr about three years ago and I was having some good success with it. After stepping away for about three years I came back a little over a month ago and put up my gig again thinking the sales would come in, but they didn’t! A month went by and nothing came. Then I started reading about what other successful sellers do. I took their tips to hear and started to employ them and within a week of doing what they said I had my first gig after 3 years! Woohoo!! They even gave me a 5 star review and said that I was, I believe they said, “SO FAST” which is awesome. Super happy with the result!

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I don’t remember the first order but it was for a gig I still offer …