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The stuff I drink


When I’m working on my gigs…

I drink coffee in the morning.

In the afternoon I sometimes drink soda. Or a second cup of coffee.

When I encounter a dumb seller I drink wine. Hey, I need it.

After I finish a large gig and it’s late at night I drink hot chocolate. Or wine.

When I get a tip, I get Starbucks.

Just saying…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need at least 2 coffees in the morning but I do the easy stuff like inbox and forum while I’m drinking it.

No coffee after 2pm. Ginger beer for me.

Wine pretty much always in the evening. It makes me fall asleep. If I get a tip, then it’s good wine :slight_smile:


You’re sure you meant seller? :smile_cat:

I drink coffee, much too much coffee.


Coffee, tea, water. Sometimes soda.


Lemon tea, water…


Coffee, coffee, lots of coffee…home made coffee, Cafe Coffee Day coffee, McDonald’s coffee, Costa coffee, sometimes Starbucks coffee…


YESSS as writer said, i just drink coffee. Coffee is what i loveeeeeeee so much. Like offer me coffee any time, I am up for it.


Woops, I meant buyer, hahaha.

Actually you know what, when I read a random seller’s dumb post or question,
sometimes I do feel like drinking wine…



Tea at morning, Coffee at late night … relaxed:


Tea or Hazlenut Coffee

Caffeine all the way!


Tarnia, are you from Narnia? :thinking:


I run a pure system: Water. Preferably Perrier. Sometimes San Pelligrino. Sometimes Fiji and sometimes Smartwater. That’s all. And once a month: :champagne:


Really “The stuff i drink” LOL. :heart_eyes: I drink pap early in the morning and take kunu to step down after job delivery. Those are the stuff i take


OK, just got another order, time to pour another cup of coffee.
My coffee Fiverr friends, you can join me ( in spirit) and pour one for yourselves too hahaha :laughing: