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The stupidest update to Fiverr, ever

Views on my gig have plummeted. So, I search for myself in the search engines (I hardly ever appear). When I do, it makes it seem as though my gig is $105 in comparison to everybody else’s $5.00.


I know it says “with extras”, but most people are not going to pay attention to that.

screenshot did not attach last time.

Is Fiverr testing some updates again on some sellers? I still see you gigs listed as $5 when searched. This of course is a silly update - not “Fiverr” anymore…

Same here. I don’t see the “with extras” in my search. This actually may be a good sign. When Fiverr is playing around, search engine rankings are all over the place until fiverr decides what they want to do.

I did notice throughout the day that when I search on my main “keyword” gigs seem to come and go in the top 10. Yep, this is a sign that Fiverr is playing with the site. I wouldn’t make any changes to my gig until the dust settles.

Is that your average selling price? Your highest maybe? It’s not your “best seller.” I’m so confused…why would they do this? The gig title is the $5 offering…if they just plug some other random number under it…ugh…I’m so frustrated I can’t even find the words to express it properly…

Since two TRS in this thread reported issues, it may be only TRS are seeing these changes saying “with extras”

Reply to @emasonwrites: nope. The 100 addition was a random figure.

Reply to @steveeyes: I’m not reporting seeing this in my search results. Mine look normal. But Ryan also got the “ARS” stars on his profile long before I did…I’m extrapolating from experience that “features” have a trickle-down effect. I just can’t fathom why anyone at Fiverr would EVER think this is a good idea. If a buyer sees his ad that says “I will write 2 x 500 word articles (with extras) for $105,” there is no way they will even bother clicking on that ad when the one beside it says “500 words for $5.” New buyers especially have no idea what “extras” are and won’t spend the time to figure out why his articles appear to be $105 when everyone else’s are $5.

Don;t know what is happening here. Evevrything was running smoothly then suddenly my sales dropped !! Without any reason, Customer Support have no answers as always [-(

Reply to @emasonwrites: You are 100% on point. I can’t understand how Fiverr would not see how this could impact sales for gigs presented this way. My experience with Newbies is that they struggle with using Fiverr and worse, Fiverr instructions are not helpful. I spend an a lot time answering questions that should be answered by Fiverr.

Can you imagine if Fiverr put out an ad that said

"Shop Fiverr with Extras $5,000,000,000,000"

If they did, they would fire their ad campaign manager.

Sales were going quite well the first few weeks I joined fiverr, suddenly everything dramatically decreased. Heck I’d be lucky if I even get one view on one of my gigs. :expressionless:

@ryangillam @steveeyes @emasonwrites ,

Accidentally figured it out when I experimented with finding my own gigs’ ranking.

The price “with extras” will appear when you filter the gigs by the “Delivery Time”, i.e. Up to 24 hours, Up to 3 days and Up to 7 days.

So, probably it’s not a recent update.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Yes…when I filtered by deliver times I saw the “with extra’s” Good find!

Maybe the changes in ranking has something to do with this new Response Rate. I remember reading somewhere on the forum that it was going to be a factor in search ranking.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Yup, that did it for me, too. So…maybe it has something to do with extra fast delivery options? It’s obviously not directly correlated…wow, it sure would be great to have had a blog post or some sort of other explanation about this feature.