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The support takes much time to respond

The team Fiverr needs more employees, the support takes much time to respond, in my last two requests, it took me 5 days to have an answer, and it was too late, I posted a request, and I’m still waiting for more than 48 hours… The support of Fiverr is good but there is a problem of availability…

I agree! I had to wait 5 days as well. Fiverr is growing every day and it’s probably just a matter of time until they will hire more people which will help speed up the process.

Agreed, But They should be working hard in that. I wish they assign me in the customer support, I solved most of the requests I have submitted Lmao.

Yup That’s true. One of my queries have not been answered and it’s almost one month.

Your comment is appreciated and I would say that takes several days on average. As to how good or bad that is, it just depends on perspective. Fiverr doesn’t have a huge staff yet. I live in a small town and it takes 1-3 weeks for me to get service calls, so the time isn’t unusual to me, but for someone in a large city it might be different.

One thing, though, this thread is an interesting conversation but not a Tip. It will be moved accordingly.

Fiverr is continuously growing but it must resolve the issue in one day or within 24 hours time. If problem arrives in any one account, then they didn’t access basis features of Fiverr account this thing is very annoying to sellers and also in buyers if Buyers send the messages and he didn’t reply you because of the fever internal issue? Fiverr must update the systems which generated automatically query and resolve it automatically with any proposed time.