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The tactics I've used in September to charge up my sales

tl;dr - the tactics are based on my knowledge and gigs which is primarily SEO, marketing, and writing. You must adjust what I have done to your gig.

I’m getting no buyers and Fiverr sucks; well according to most posts on the forum it does.

Okay, at times it really does suck, you’ve updated your gigs copy, changed the images and still sales are slack. So what can you REALLY do to improve sales?

In September I began to offer 2 for 1 on my post popular gig. That is a software based gig so doing an extra gig requires minutes of my time.

If you don’t have a software gig then consider getting one. If you are stuck for ideas or scared that software is too technical then you can use Google Trends to identify what people want, what is popular in SEO and marketing and purchase simple software based around that. Have a look at gigs other people sell, can you make them better? If you are really stuck then pm me.

Whilst I offer gig extras there is nothing to say that you cannot ethically up-sell to your clients. I have a writing gig so after establishing rapport with a client I will send them information pertaining to long form content prospering over short form. If the client sees the benefit then a repeat buy is for more words and a higher fee.

This month I have given away more freebies than every before. Previously after completing a gig I would invite the client to purchase an SEO report. I now offer the SEO report for free and then up-sell the areas of weakness to related gigs or custom offers. This can be writing meta-descriptions, fixing on-page SEO.

If you had a gig for every skill you possess then you’d need a lot more than the 20 available to level 2 sellers. Use your knowledge to up-sell a client for THINGS THEY REALLY NEED, offer them proof in the form of an article. Attach a call to action on that article leading back to your gig ( I cannot post the link here) - make it as simple as possible for the client to WANT your gig.

The final tactic I have used this month is tackling the buyer requests and over-delivering on what the client is asking for. Yes this requires a little more work but it adds to the trickle of cash.

What have you done to get out of a sales slump?

rather than buying SEO software, i will do try and error method and play with words and see the result. :slight_smile:

Good idea, all avenues are worth pursuing. :slight_smile:

The first way is the customer,

Fiverr has become industrial goods. And may be resold by everyone.

Your works are owned by people who have money, because when you sold for money.

Serving repeat buyers is a real business.

This is the actual reality.

Is my mind out of the box. That is me

Wonderful reply, but I’m unable to answer question of your minds location.

I think it is important to set a value on your own time. You know how long a gig or a gig extra takes you so you can adapt accordingly. Only the strong survive!

That is some great advice~! Thanks.

Perfect, yes, you have the idea :slight_smile: