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The tag bug in gig!


I’m trying to create a new gig and this error message appears “Tag contains excessive use of term…” But I’ve only used that word twice! How is this excessive use?


You can’t use few tags twice - such as “logo”. fiverr has block that tag for twice use. hahahahha


Yeah, I hit myself on this problem, too, and apparently using “seo” twice is considered “excessive” :unamused: Fiverr has one heck of a definition for the word “excessive”… and it’s curious how other words like “audit”, which is often overused, are allowed twice… they either don’t know what excessive means, or they should rephrase the error.


Okay let’s consider it excessive for tags but this message even shows up in gig description…!!!


I can’t possible conceive the number 2 as being excessive - I can’t move past this :smiley:


haha yeah I really need it for my gig.


BTW how is my new gig?


Well, I have no idea what the gig is about after looking at it, because I’m not familiar with the things you offer :stuck_out_tongue: It’s like reading a foreign language. But isn’t this question supposed to be in the improve my gig section? :smiley: