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The Tale of the First Order

Hi everyone

While I wait for my first order, let’s hear ‘The Tale of the First Order’ from the veterans here :blush: What do you think worked for you? Was your first order from a friend/mutual/contact on your Social Media? Was it a Buyer’s Request that got accepted, or did some brave buyer trust you (the new seller) and ordered from your gig :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Share the story of your hard earned first order story :blush: Also, tell us how long was it after you made your gig, number of impressions etc.

Let’s hear some stories :grin:

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Hey, Jave

Has your block improved yet?

I know this post wasn’t written for people like me, but I’ll contribute anyway. It might encourage others to join in.

My Gig will go live in a few days. I’ve already lined up my first customer. They’re one of the kindest, most generous people I know. I chose to work with them first because I reeeeeeeeeally need that first review to be a good one. I’m hopeful they will like my work and leave positive feedback. :smiley:


Not really, but I opened the writing pad today, so I’m calling that improvement :sweat_smile:

That’s clever :smiley: Good luck with your gig! I’m sure with a good review, you’ll have a streak of others queuing up for your service :blush: