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The technical blackmail!

Hi… A situation i need advice from you guys … (Respected mods:Is it the right forum i mean should this be asked under my fiver experience or somewhere else )
Buyer A comes places the order for the least pricd gig … Asks for additional work not in the scope of the original order… Clearly communicated the limitations of the orders in that regards…
After that i deliver he is happy with the work delivered … Completes the order .
(Doesn’t rates the order ) now after few days comes again … Asks for more work within the same order forces me to do it asap… I told him to order a different gig for it denies it and forces me to do it … I visit his profile (member since 2016… so i guess he knows all the tips and tricks and i know why he didn’t rate the order…
What should i do …

I would send them an unassuming message about it.

For instance, ‘Hey! I noticed you ordered this, but supplied me with more than normally fits in the order. I would be happy to add those services, and this is how much those services cost. Otherwise, I would be happy to do things within the scope of the paid work. What works best for you?’ By putting the ball back in their court you provoke a response.


Really smart response. I don’t need this now, but would need it some day. Thanks.

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You can stand up for yourself, but 90% you get a terrible review if not a cancellation. Customer Service ALWAYS parts with the buyer. I hate this, but this is part of the Fiverr experience.


You can gently send him a custom offer for the extra work that he needs, you can also contact customer support for help.