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The terrible effects of editing your gig(s)

I made the mistake of editing my gigs when I was just getting into Fiverr after about a week or two. Below you can see the effects of doing so. I edited almost all of my gigs one day then the last one another day after completing one more order.

Then my account was suspended so I thought I was done for on Fiverr. Thankfully I came back and got an order or two after being allowed to sell again.

Effects of editing my gigs:

Wait, can we actually get suspended if we edit most of the gigs in the same day? What if we do rework and rewrite all of the gig descriptions?

Wait, so you got suspended, but you got back, or you created a new account?
What happened here?

No, I was waiting for my ID to arrive in the mail so I could verify it. My account was suspended until I got it.

Oh, so after suspension, you verified yourself and got access to the account again?

Yes, after waiting for support to respond for a week, they let me verify it now that I had it.

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