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The "THE MOVIES I'VE DUBBED IN" thread - 2019 edition

Since the original thread misteriously disappeared (oh boy :fearful:) here’s a revamped version, starting from January the 1st, 2019.

Dubbing actor Matthew Hopkinson as Albert Finlay.


These are quite big movies !
I have one question : did you get these contracts/offers via Fiverr or did you get them from an external source (like personal website, agency, etc) ?

All direct contacts. I’ve got to know a dozen dubbing directors, which are the guys that decide the cast. If one decides I should play whatever role, he lists me, I then get a call from a studio, and head back there to record. It’s pretty mouth-to-mouth based. No agents, no web, no on-line discovery process.

I remember this thread. It was basically the same. You listing the movies you have dubbed.

Yes, pretty much! I’ve just re-done it since the original one seems to be a goner.

Nice! But why is this in The Ranting Pot - because you wanted to rant that the other thread is gone, or because you don’t like “the movies you’ve dubbed in”, after all? :wink:

I remember the other thread too, no idea why it would be gone, unless maybe there was something not deemed PG13 in there perhaps? Else the only reason that comes to mind would be that it might have been seen as promo and was in Conversation or so, but then probably it would have been moved to My Fiverr Gigs rather than be gone.

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Haha well, the previous one was already in My Fiverr Gigs category before, so I guess in this category the thread would be even less subject of deletion. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. :sweat_smile:

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Dubbing actor Spencer MacPherson as Scout West, John West’s son.


Can I just ask, has it never crossed your mind to audition as an actual actor in a Spanish movie or TV series? I would imagine that you would be able to hone your talents quite easily, given the fact that you have already mastered the art of reading scripts expressively.

I know the Spanish film industry isn’t as big as the U.S. film industry. However, you do have a few cinematic classics:


(And I do sincerely like the Torrente movies. :slight_smile: )

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My man!

I actually took camera acting studies this year, but since it is a completely different circuit I’ve found it hard to pursue. It is also a very different branch of acting, with very different techniques and procedures. Plus, no agency yet, little projects done… it is slow and I need time - and it can easily grow tiring when the voice acting side of things already works, and keeps you busy.

It’s something I’m leaning towards, but I guess it will take me quite some time to get to. It’s not an easy circle to get into either!

I’d love to get some feedback from you on my (quite recent) acting reel though! As you can see, it shows I’m not really experienced with camera work. :laughing:

PS: glad to talk to you again man, long time no see! :smiley:


I love it! However, part of me wants to say, "Oh God, now he’s going to start showing off in a thread about how many Oscars he’s won this week." :wink:

I liked you in the last scene best. I had no idea what you were saying. However. it had the feel of an intense moment in some kind of urban crime/family drama. I’d also say you’d suit a gritty but hugely expressive role like that of a kind of Walter White-like character. - Or just be a bad guy.

If I ever get time to write an amazing crime thriller / sci-fi horror novel, I may model a villain on you. (Probably a hitman). Then if it ever got picked up by a film company, I’d be able to have them cast you!

Of course, I rarely have time to pick my own nose, never mind write a novel. - But I’m definitely going to one day! :slight_smile:

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You already have my kudos for Alita.

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I’ll defo have a read if you actually get to finish it! :smiley:

Dubbing actor Colin Ford as Steve Danvers.

Dubbing actor Steven Krueger as Andrew Townsley.

Dubbing actor Mark Bagnall as Jughashvili. Robot technician in episode 4.




There you go again showing off… :wink:

I’m actually planning to watch Chernobyl. Now I might watch the Spanish version so I can say I know one of the actors. (Possibly, I’ll exaggerate that to ‘work with one of the actors online’ if its a slow conversation day.) :slight_smile:


I can’t help it man :laughing:

I do recommend you watching it, although not in Spanish :joy:. It is a great show!

Voicing actor Austin Crute as Alan.

Voicing actor Jordan Stephens as Rollo .

Voicing actor Travis Jeffery as Reggie.

Voicing actor Tokio Emoto as Mitamura.