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The Theory Behind High Gig Pricing

I recently searched for SEO content writing services and the Fiverr search results brought a number of good writers in this category. What I quickly noticed is the striking difference in the Gig pricing. While most sellers in this category offer 500 words SEO content for $5, I noticed that a certain seller was offering 500 words for $100 for the same SEO content (100 words for $20). Funny thing is that this $100 seller is selling hugely more than some $5 sellers. I would like to know what makes high priced gigs tick. What is the theory (or conspiracy) behind highly priced gigs? Are you a seller with a considerably high price for your gigs? Why did you decide to go that high? Let’s talk. Thanks

Once you get over a 1000 or 500 reviews or more preferably become a trusted seller you can raise your prices as high as you want.

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I agree that experience here can be a factor, but I noticed that some sellers have less than 50 reviews but they are still selling even though their prices are extremely high. What do you think is the reason for this?

They probably have high reviews “overall”. Did you check how many reviews they had on their profile?

Supply and demand.

I charge more than others in my category. However, if you need a white-haired, middle-aged woman with 30 years acting experience, then you’re willing to pay the price. btw- a few months ago I got a $100 tip on a $75 custom order because he had been searching for months for someone like me.

Perhaps the SEO Seller you cite may be offering something others are not.

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It’s about the category you’re in that allows you to charge more. For content writers, the only way you can raise your prices (effectively) is after getting a fair number of reviews.

A writer that I hire from time to time put their prices up recently. I have no problem with that and continue to hire them when budget allows it. There are plenty of cheaper options out there but my preference is to stay with them.
Notable because:
Delivers on time, Excellent communication, Reliability and Consistency are 4 non-content reasons that I choose them over others and have no issue with the price increase on this basis alone.
Yes, the content they produce is great too and they are one of the very few writers (I have hired over 20) that require no proofreading or editing. I generally don’t mind doing some editing on a document but it is a bonus when it is not necessary - requiring editing would not put me off using a writer again but it definitely makes me choose one over another.

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This is quite inspiring. It’s like people buying CocaCola products at a high price yet there are cheaper sodas on the market. Your service quality must be superior indeed.

I’m beginning to think it has something to do with brand equity. Just like companies work extremely hard to build their brands, we sellers too need to establish a personal brand based on exceptional customer service.Thanks for sharing you valuable secrets @eoinfinnegan

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I think it is more simple than that even, communication and reliability are what is required by most buyers.

Step 1: Say what you will do.
Step 2: Do what you said.


Is it a top rated seller with lots of great feedback?

I see what you did there :wink:

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There are a number of factors that can enable a high priced selling gig.

  • Quality
  • Customer service
  • (Fast/urgent deliveries)
  • Category

If you are amazing at what you do people will spend money and use you! My average selling price is thankfully high. Although my prices seem to be low, I ask that any buyer contact me beforehand so that I can provide them with an accurate quote. MOST buyers are not interested in spending $5.

:bulb: Joe

simply put…
Quality of service
Extra services added
Prompt delivery time
Massive positive reviews
clear and explanatory description on the gig
And lastly good communication…

For example, I offer music and jingle related services.
I add free commercial and copyright license, Original music, Free lyrics writing, and so on…
All these were written as free but the prices of those freebies have been added in the gig price in actual fact.

For first time buyers, I think it is like picking which food truck you want to buy food from at a food truck rally. Do you catch yourself avoiding the food truck with no line? How much of your decision was based on how long the line was and possibly not the price?

If you had 50 repeat customers ordering every week, how would that change your strategy for getting work?
Some gigs lend themselves to repeat customers and some do not.

If content writers are writing for blogs and other publications, I could see these orders being repeated often by the same customers.

If you are growing repeat customers, it gets to the point where you reach capacity and you have to limit your presence in the search engines because you get too many messages and requests. Raising prices and raising delivery times are 2 ways you can control the amount of orders you receive.

If the project really needed $100 spent to make it great. You could have more happy customers at $100.00 than you will at $5.00.


Not really. Just a level 2 seller

Thanks for your input. I never thought of it in this context. Build happy a base of happy buyers even if they are few.

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