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The thin line between a revision and free extra/additional work!

Hi, I need serious help on this matter , I am a logo designer but i think this might be a problem faced by all

  1. Now I offer a certain number of proposals/concepts in my packages, e.g. i offer 2 concepts in my middle package , meaning i mainly charge for the number of concepts .
  2. With the initial delivery i provide the total number of concepts purchased totally unique/different from each other based on two different ideas . From here on the buyer can either keep both the concepts (which happens most of the times) ,complete the order (since i deliver complete files for both concepts in the initial delivery ) or he can shortlist a design , let me know if it needs any minor tweaks and changes like font change/color change etc. and i offer unlimited revisions in the standard and premium pack .
  3. In FAQ i have very clearly stated that if your revision requests for a completely new concept you have to purchase an additional concept and it will not be for free. now few of them just order the extra gig and we continue for the additional concept .
  4. there have been few instances where they will not agree for purchasing the additional concept and will argue that they have purchased unlimited revisions but i have clearly stated the policy for revisions in my gig ,will keep on harassing me till the time i do it free cuz i know if they are going to contact CS the order will be cancelled and i would not like the hardwork i did for the concepts to lose .
    I need help as to how to communicate with such buyers (i have never faced this sort of situation in real life, where everything is clearly documented before it starts but the policy for revisions is so not clear on fiverr ) Should i continue giving away free concepts just like this in lieu of revisions or should i finish the unlimited revisions ? Please guide me regarding this matter as i am seriously facing this issue .
    Would be extremely grateful for your kind help.

Hey @sarahdesigns671!

So, I had a look at your gig, its descriptions and I saw your FAQ section as well.

I guess the confusion is arising primarily because some of your buyers don’t know the difference between amendments (to an existing concept) and asking for a completely new one. I think they’re under the impression that your policy of unlimited revisions extend into creating something completely new for them, in case they don’t like the concepts you have already generated in the initial delivery.

Also, some buyers (I wouldn’t say all) don’t have the habit of reading FAQs. I guess they just breeze in, see your gig package deliverables, zero in on the “unlimited revisions” aspect in your premium package, and order it straight away.

  1. One thing that could curb the confusion is maybe inputting the same information from your FAQs into the gig package descriptions (in a more condensed manner).
    For instance, in the Premium Package, you could write (in the gig package description box) - ‘3 logo proposals, unlimited revisions ONLY on the finalised proposal’ or something along those lines. And you can maybe also reinforce that same message (that you offer unlimited revisions only on the ONE logo proposal that they choose from the 3 concepts delivered, and that a completely new concept will be an extra/additional charge) when you send across your initial completed files.

  2. Your FAQs do explain your business model, but I would recommend tweaking it for it to become more direct, if possible. I’m guessing that even if your buyers do read the FAQ section, they’re still not able to understand the revisions aspect of your business completely.

Please don’t give away new concepts for free, they’re a product of your time, energy, effort and you rightfully deserve to be paid for them. If you would like to give your buyers unlimited revisions in terms of amendments on the final selected logo proposal (such as font changes/colour changes), that’s absolutely cool. But don’t let the other buyers strongarm you into giving them new concepts for free. If they threaten to cancel the order or threaten you with a negative rating etc, please contact CS immediately because that is considered improper conduct on the buyer’s part, and behaviour like that is against Fiverr’s ToS.

I hope this helps. Do let us know if implementing this works out for you. :slight_smile:



I cant be more thankful to you for this … this is a great help …


You’re most welcome! ^^