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The thing that sellers do that makes a buyer 😄


Okay, so here I go again. I know I’ve done this before, but I’m gonna do it again because I don’t think anyone will complain about me being redundant.

I’ve been hiring many new sellers, as in brand new to 5r, and those not so new, but I’ve never worked with before. I must say, I’ve been extremely lucky. I’ve had several fantastic services from amazing, talented sellers with top-notch professionalism.

When a seller treats me with much respect and has a warm/inviting personality, it just enhances my experience. Those sellers that take the time to write me a short note to explain the delivery is just so much more inviting.

Some people’s idea of professionalism is short and to the point, which is okay. Some people’s idea of business is taking the time to cater a unique response to each client. I never looked for it before but I realized how good it makes me feel. How much more enjoyable my experience is on 5r.

I’ve had a few sellers that have explained to me what they did - the fact they researched xyz. It actually has an impact. It sends a message to my brain, that the seller went the extra mile for me. You add that to just a great delivery - as in really good product - it’s a double/triple bonus, not just the seller, but the whole platform.

Just saying, I :heart: getting great service and great gigs for my :moneybag: .

To all of my amazing sellers who goes over the top - thank you again!

:heart: , G


Customer services is number one to any successful business.

Not only do I agree with you, I would go further and say that for every happy client a seller has, another one comes our way!


New sellers, are ya reading this!!?
As long as you are professional, honest, and good at what you do, you will have
plenty of chances!!!

Gina, I really wish more buyers were like you.
Bless you. Seriously, bless you.


Aww! Shucks! << blush >> :blush:


To: Gina

From: Ya girl Nika

Thank you for setting the bar high. :wink:

These are the key components for building a healthy Seller/Buyer rapport.

  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Friendly disposition

Cheers! :tropical_drink:


Building a relationship with your client is important. Not only will they trust you more, but they will be confident in your skills and abilities to get the job done. My customers love doing business with me because I put them first due to a personalized touch and a true effort to understand their wants and needs.


hahaha, I hope I get the chance to draw something for you soon.
Right now things are so crazy and busy I had to put some of the gigs ( including the
illustration gig) on hold.

Like Nika said, it’s respect, professionalism, honesty, and friendly disposition.
I do run into people who doesn’t have some ( or none in worst cases) of these,
but it’s good to know that most people do have the good qualities and that buyers
show appreciation towards that :blush:


Most of the time, when I see a nicely done gig page and personal description, the end product - along with the seller’s personal touch - are over the top!



Hey glad to read your personal experience, I do believe that respect factor is the basic necessity, Hope so in future new sellers like I will get buyers like you. :smile: