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The things that 5r Sellers do to me

I thought I’d switch things up a bit and write about the Good Experience I’ve had on 5r.

I know there is no way this is going to get as much attention as the 101 threads that has been created and will be created this weekend in regards to all the bad experiences with buyers and sellers; but I’m going to give it a try - maybe, I’ll get one or two bites! :wink:

A little short story on my 1st great experience as a newbie:

  • My 1st successful purchase was a 2-D eBook cover. Less than 24 hours after order, he delivered something that blew my mind. I gave him two stock photos that I purchased from Canstock and sent it to him with my name and book title - he really gave me back a work of art.

  • I personally do not have the eye or the graphic talent to put together two unrelated pictures and make them look so darn good - not to mention, relevant to the title. He’s the reason why I am still on 5r. Still have him as a favorite.

There are so many things that sellers do that I love about them. Here are just a few:

  • I love it when working with new sellers, they give me something extra - a surprise, that I wasn’t expecting; such as:

  • I have sellers that give me side notes, indepth explanations to the side - step by step process of what they are doing - this is so good to have in translation and editing jobs.

  • You may be surprised to know that this is NOT the norm. Many sellers only translate or mark thing up with no notes or explaination.

  • So many of my great sellers have such awesome communication skills - not wordy, but direct and to the point - just the way I like it.

  • If you are a newbie buyer reading this - just know that through all the complaints you read on the forum - there are thousands of transactions a day that go smoothly and very well.

  • You have to keep in mind the happy customers do not come to the forum to say, “Boy did my seller have great communication!” :wink:

  • Most of sellers always go out of their way to give me (probably all of their buyers) the best product.

  • Again, most sellers do exceptional jobs and willing to do whatever they can to make the clients happy. Perhaps some of it has to do with getting a good review. My personal take is because they are a PROFESSIONAL and it’s a matter of pride more than anything else.

I had a rough start to 5r but I am glad I stuck around. I am happy with all the great services I have been given by so many talented sellers.

This is my feel good thread. I am signing off for rest of the day, because I am on VACATION! :champagne: :airplane:


Always nice to read this kind of post. Enjoy the vacation!


Completing an order smoothly isn’t only the buyer’s satisfaction but also every seller’s self-satisfaction.
Thanks for creating such a nice topic. Enjoy Vacation :fireworks::tada::balloon:


Awwww! I feel in love :kissing_heart:. Nice to know there are some good hearted people out here still.

Please, I do translation between English and Spanish. I want to understand what you mean by the below quoted part so I may improve on my delivery, thanks:

The title! :smile_cat:

Enjoy your rest of the day, Gina! :cocktail:


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So, you think it’s a click and bait? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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First, I did not flag your post.

Second, You have a dirty mind! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: [/details]

honestly I thought he/she met fiverr sellers in person. Just by the title.

Thanks dear. Will start using that.

great read, thank you