The three biggest scams i've seen currently running free on fiverr

  1. Total non policing of Sellers location details. Indians, Vietnamese, Pakistani’s etc all able to just slap up a US/UK/AUS flag and pass themselves of as native english speaking providers. I appreciate the sellers on fiverr who are transparent on their location and just focus on delivering quality work and building their reputation. Ive got some great providers from the above mentioned countries and am very happy using them. The ones who try to mask themselves are normally a waste of time from my experience. Fiverr, like most other freelance marketplaces do, should have some kind of location verification system. Whilst they aren’t bulletproof it would remove a lot of the location scamming going on.

  2. The skype notepad document. Sellers are often quick to try and take business off fiverr with a notepad attachment with their skype ID’s so they can take payments through paypal or some third party payment system. Don’t ever agree to it - i learned the hard way when i was new to fiverr and hadn’t properly read the T&C’s. The people who do this not only do it to save on their 20% cut to fiverr, but also because without the fiverr platform they have no real incentive to then deliver quality work or even deliver any work at all without fear of negative reputation or a obvious refund. Again i speak from experience. Report them to fiverr straight away if they request payment or communication to be held away from the fiverr platform.

  3. The ‘I am just marking this as delivered’ scam. Ok, most buyers charge a premium for express services and a lot seem to never meet the requirements of that order and simply mark it on the due delivery date ‘i am just marking this as delivered, you will have your work shortly’, ‘i am marking this as delivered, please check back in with me in a few hours for your file’ or simply just marking it as delivered without even an explanation hoping the buyer won’t notice or care. I assume that the buyer gets some kind of penalty, negative reputation or are open to a refund if they miss delivery time especially when someone is paying a 200-500% premium for an express delivery of a service. So by simply marking the work as delivered they avoid this then the countdown ticks towards the project been finalized as complete by fiverr which buys them additional time to complete it or if the buyer isn’t watchful allows fiver to mark it has delivered. Immediately request modification and tell the seller in clear terms this is not acceptable, you have x amount of time to deliver the work or i will be contacting fiverr for a full refund. Don’t ever let a buyer get away with been slack, lazy or plain rude.

    To finish, 85% of my experiences with fiverr have been good, pleasant ones. I’ve spent over $10000 usd on gigs here over the last year and for the most part have been happy but the three points i raise above i am concerned about as these things are becoming more and more common and fiverr are been very lax in policing it.


Thank you for this post i learned something from it… and i’am from Morocco and so proud to show my location i just cant relate to why these sellers would do that is there an advantage on fiverr for sellers from the countries you mentioned?


Great post, Thank you for sharing, I am and Indian Living in Nepal form couple of years so when i registers, fiverr detect my IP and i got Nepali flag but in my profile i mention who i am and proud to be who i am :slight_smile: I know i am a hard worker and i care about my clients and understand the value of their, money, and business.

I always want that my client buy my gig via fiverr even if i have personal detail because of their website or anyway. Because you get reputation build up with reviews and get chance to get more clients. So it is foolish send your client off to fiverr.

Saying "killed the goose that lays the golden egg:

Not very smart…

I dont have enough word for fiverr to say thanks for everything…



I’ve got be honest and say that I thought about masking my ip to get a US location. I did a quick research and by comparison, newer US accounts do get more sales. I decided to let my work do the talking but I’ve only have 2 sales so far… Maybe I’m not as good as I thought, hopefully things will pick up.


Really thank you for this post. it really help me alot the interesting thing is that I got scammed by US flag buyer. I worked for him delivered the code and he never paid me hahahha well that was in early days on fiverr.

But in overall I prefer to get paid via fiverr because I can’t paypal and fiverr can pay me via payoneer card.


Kode Team.


Thanks for a well-written post, JR. I hope you’ll consider sending it to customer support as a frank discussion based on your experiences on Fiverr. I’m glad that most of your purchases have gone well, but I think ideally your estimation of positive sales interactions should be closer to 100%, and Fiverr admin. needs to be made aware. In school, 85% is a passing grade, but not particularly remarkable.

All the points you make have been complained about and discussed in the forums. I don’t know what the answers are, but, again, Fiverr admin. needs to understand what their priorities should be in order to continue to maintain a good reputation with the public AND to continue to have positive growth.


Hey there,

First of all, thanks for sharing this, it’s really helpful.

I am myself a seller from India, and I don’t hesitate in hiding my identity. I’ve been on Fiverr for more than 3 months now and have successfully got 7 orders and completed them with 100% positive rating. I don’t like how people make negative comments on Indian and Pakistanis, it really affects our dignity and sales (no one would want to hire an Indian/Pakistani to do their work).

Not all people are the same, most of these Indians are very much dedicated to their work and do not follow the path of scam. It’s true to that they usually disguise themselves as citizens of US/UK, etc. but why? Just because their nation/location is not respected and is known as a scam city.

I don’t know what I’ve said is true or not, but it’s just my opinion. You can always check my gigs, contact me, ask anything, I’m always there to talk (I talk a lot, really.).

Anyways, thanks again for this information.

Have a nice day!




Reply to @kjblynx: Done. I don’t know why I added that, may I was just a bit sloppy xD.


Great post @jrlang

I have had some bad experiences with the first point… some people that uses a USA flag as their country but they are not northamericans at all. A completely waste of time and money.

I am a spanish Level 2 graphic designer and I don´t know the reason why anyone hide their identity, it´s really easy to discover if you are from USA/UK/AUS only with a few words, and when I discover that I directly ask for cancelation.

It´s not about being from India or Pakistan, of course there are a lot of professionals, it´s about being a liar, and if you lie me in something as silly as your nationality, I can´t trust in you and in your work… You have to be honest and customers should have information about the people they are hiring, I think that could exist people here that don´t like to work with spanish designers (for example), but it´s their decision and they are free to take it, so they should have this information.

Thanks again for sharing your experience here.


Thank you for throwing light into an issue am currently facing. My friend introduced me to Fiver as I had the last minute option to write a proposal.

My experience so far is just what you wrote about. The seller sent me a message that my order is enclosed, I kept looking through all holes for the attachment but found none. However, as a new buyer, i left feedback hoping, the next back will upload the file. The buyer ignored all messages from me after the delivery. Fast forward i opened a case via customer services requesting to remove my feedback.
The seller has since gotten in touch giving excuses, he requested for 4 hours more that have come and go, what can i do please help!!!


Since you opened a case - what is the current “Order Status”? If you go to your dashboard and click Buying > Orders, under which tab is it, active / delivered / completed / canceled?


Hi Miiila,
Thank you for the prompt response. It says completed because I left feedback " My wrong" was hoping the next page will upload my order, did not realize he never sent any work.


I see, okay, if it´s under “Completed” then there´s not really anything you can do from your side other than updating your ticket to customer support (best to reply to the already open ticket, or reopen it by replying to it instead of creating a new one, as the staff member then already can see the “previous history”).
If the seller didn´t/won´t deliver after all, they´ll probably cancel the order for you and refund you (keep in mind that, as the Terms of Service say, refunds are done as Fiverr balance, that is so you won´t have to pay the service fee again if you order from another seller, unless you tell support that you´d like to be refunded to your payment source (credit card or PayPal).


Aw great, thank you, am new here and still studying the platform. What an experience, if at all i order again will certainly be very wary.


Yes, you should always check and compare sellers and gigs before you buy, also a healthy dose of common sense is always good, it gets easier with a bit of experience, though. :slight_smile: But on the plus side, you can find a lot of really great sellers here and usually get work done well for less than elsewhere and offline - caution though, like everywhere, “if it sounds too good to be true” it might be. :wink:


…Certainly, a wealth of common sense is needed when using a platform like this…: slightly_smiling_face: However, this should be a fantastic place if shabby sellers face tougher penalties, In that way, genuine sellers can be more appreciated. Like any online marketplace, buyers stand the chance of being scammed with fake or inadequate product especially when they are desperate for that perticluer item