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The time counting won't stop when I open a dispute?

If a buyer asking for something you haven’t agreed to do for the price the buyer is paying you in the order and you open a disput asking to add the rest of the price you need and maybe a time to extend, why the time is still counting down? Do you have to do the work the buyer wants for the price that is less that you want for this job done?

You need to wait for them to respond to your request to extend, the countdown doesn’t change until they review at their end, otherwise buyers would be sending disputes all over the place to pause the countdown. Generally if I send out an extra for extra work in that situation, I monitor it carefully to make sure I will have enough time to complete once they confirm.


Also the order will be mark as “late delivery” soon.
Actually I have faced this kind of situation before and I think it is not fair for sellers at all but what to do!!


Did you then do your work for less amount of money or what?

I see countdown is ticking and the buyer still not respond. What to do in such situation? I also asked CS but they didn’t respond yet and my time is ticking.

Follow up with them again - send them another message asking for the details you need or reminding them they will need to pay extra to get extra work done. If they don’t respond, you may have to cancel.

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Yeah, they paid.
But what is the other variant besides cancellation if any buyer won’t agree as cancellation always affect rating.

The variant I suggested… send them a message (or messages) to get the information you need to complete the order. If they take too long, let them know they will need to extend the delivery time.

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Does Fiverr CS help on this?
Also, normally Fiverr CS takes 12-24 hours to reply for our inquiry. So how we extend the delivery time of the 1day delivery order with that condition?

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no - I mean let your buyer know they will need to extend the delivery time since they didn’t give you the information when they placed their order.

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Okay, thanks for the reply.

I mean, what if a buyer don’t agree to take your offer.
The only you can do is to cancel or deliver the work for wrong amount of money. CS won’t help in this situation as well.