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The Time Has Come


I turned 15 two days ago. With that I realized that at the point in my life at the moment, it is not the time to be on Fiverr. Life was a lot different last year when I didn’t have as much homework and I had more energy and drive for this website. At the moment I’m all tuckered out. It was a good run, but I think it’s time to take a break— a long break with that. Goodbye Fiverr and I hope to be able to see you soon l. It was a wild ride and I loved most of it. I wish I could keep selling but everything has died down and I just don’t have the energy to keep this up. I hope to see you soon— but not too soon. Thank you to everybody here on the forum who helped me out along the way. I’ll be back— just you wait.


Thanks for letting us all know Braden, and all the very best to you!

We’ll look forward to hearing about your successes in the future. :slightly_smiling_face::sunny:


No problem, focus on your studies, ace your SAT, get into a great college [Stanford/MIT] and do engineering. All the best :+1: [And after that MBA at Harvard/Wharton, well at least that’s what I would do at your age if I could live my life again.]


Good decision. Few things are as important as having some shiny papers in your hands later to wave about.
See you then!


I hope you will deliver the order in queue before you logout :wink:
All the very best… :+1:


GoodPoint is that you know whats for you and whats not for you…
In teens I was like “Almighty Person to whom nothing is impossible”…
Fair Decision You made…!!
All the Best. :slight_smile: :v:t4: :+1:


It’s the right decision, no point in being overstretched at this point in your life.
Think of it as having had an unusual summer job/work experience where you made loads $$$ and make sure to pause gigs and reactivate them next summer if you so choose. I am sure we shall all be here upon your return waiting to hear stories about the outside world which make us jealous and proud in equal measure!


Hey Braden,

You’re still young and there’s more to discover in this world. You’ve made a lasting impression, it’s been nice having a composed, and an articulate young person like you around. All the best! :tiger:


After a month and a couple weeks without any work, I realized that I need to come back. I’ve missed this website as a community so much(and also the money I made from it) and I think I’m ready now. Let me know if you want a more detailed account of why I left to begin with and why I decided to come back/my plans from here on out. (And yes, this is me, I just deactivated my old account in a haste, made a new one a couple days ago, contacted Customer Service to make sure that this would all be okay with the ToS and linked it to the same email).


Best of luck :slight_smile:


Nice to see you back Braden, and good luck as always! :sunny:


Best of luck :slight_smile: You must come back, as after fiverr will be more batter in coming days.



Welcome back!! :tada: :tada: :tada:


@bradencollins10 Good Luck! :sunglasses:


How’s high school treating You?

New school, New classes, New friends, New gf :grin:??

Welcome back! Christmas is almost here so, maybe you’ll get some holiday article request. :christmas_tree:


Welcome back. If I click on the link in your forum profile image it does not show you as having an account. Maybe you need to update that.


Why do you think he needs to start earning money again?


That’s what I figured.

No more video games for him - - - chocolates & :rose:.



Hoping he will make a Tips for Bachelor Sellers post soon - will be among the most read posts here, mainly from me and @writer99025 rereading it over and over.