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The time is what matters


I know that many of Fiverr’s sellers are discouraged by the fact of no or small amounts of orders, to those that are on the brink of giving up or questioning their further activity on Fiverr, well I have experienced a similar period of total dismotivation to Fiverr, until 2 weeks and a day after I have signed up on Fiverr, I got my first order. Other started to follow soon, in total I got 4 orders in the last week, and I expect them to be still coming. So remember, that patience and time, is the most important factor!


Agreed… Be patient and success will come :slight_smile:


Agree with you. And with patient, you have to keep trying. If you create gigs and just relax, the orders may never start rolling in, even after years of waiting. You have to improve you gigs everyday and try hard to get buyers.


So True :slight_smile:


well said :heart_eyes: thank you


You’ll get orders! Just provide high quality content and they’ll come rolling in


This is so true. Patience and persistence is the key.