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The Toolkit of a UI/UX Designer

UX research tools can be typically categorised into two key varieties: Analytics and usability testing. Some commonly used research tools are:

  • Google Analytics : This is one of the most commonly used analytics tools for websites around the world. UX researchers use it for understanding user journey, on-site behaviour, etc.
  • Hotjar : UX researchers use Hotjar to see heatmaps, session recordings and conduct surveys on the site.
  • CrazyEgg : CrazyEgg is used for heatmaps and A/B testing of different interfaces.
  • Optimizely :In addition to heatmaps and A/B testing, optimizely also offers multi-variate testing and personalisation capabilities.
  • UserZoom : For qualitative as well as quantitative user research, including participant recruitment, UserZoom offers end to end solutions.

I think i will be helpful to all.

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