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The top 20 fastest-growing skills in 2018

After 2 years of using Fiverr, I think these are the most trending skills in Freelancing right and these are going to stay at the top level till 2023. If you are willing to be an outstanding self-entrepreneur then try to gain one of them and be the Dominator in Fiverr.

  1. [Blockchain]
  2. [Tensorflow]
  3. [Amazon DynamoDB]
  4. [Voice over]
  5. [Subtitling]
  6. [Art direction]
  7. [Content strategy]
  8. [Computer vision]
  9. [Microsoft Power BI]
  10. [Augmented reality]
  11. [Chatbot development]
  12. [React native]
  13. [Media buying]
  14. [Go development]
  15. [Information security]
  16. [Scala development]
  17. [Instagram API]
  18. [Adobe Premiere]
  19. [Machine learning]
  20. [AngularJS development]

From my view i think these parts are very important and trending for all time.


okay nice point of view

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Dear Fahimmm,

Thaks for your valuable informations. I actually wonder how the business in Amazon works. Can you give some elaboration, pls.

Congrats on this article…
We want some more.

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Nice analysis buddy.

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Thanks! for sharing this valuable info :hugs:. It’ll help me to make my future plan of learning :innocent:

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I think Angular JS and React native are more important for present time.

this is very useful for us thanks for shearing

Kindly assist me on something. What are the trends in research and summaries that can ensure a freelancer is on top of the game from other vendors who are offering the same services?

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See up above. Those skills will be trending in future.

I am not really into that kind of skill area. So I won’t be able to help you with those. Sorry