I’ll add here every other voice over work I do that gets published publicly. Some sort of a “work repository”!

TV Commercial - Neato Botvac Connected

Neato published a week ago their set of internet and TV commercials of the Botvac Connected vacuum robot. Recorded in the Idea Sonora studios.


Little internet promo for a mobile phone game:

Team Z League of Heroes

Had a ton of fun working on this project!


SEAT time!

SEAT’s Martorell’s factory video for visitors

Pretty cool project, voicing a young SEAT car who explains to school visitors how the cars are created in the factory.


NBA time!

NBA League Pass

Recording this one was a pain in the butt. The client contacted me to record when I was on vacation in Galicia (Spain). I had to search for a local studio from one day to the next! Thank god the guys at DDA were super diligent and quick. Otherwise I would have been screwed :joy: