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The Trending Spam...Buy My 1GIG, And I Will Buy 2GIGs of Yours

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I have had a couple of messages from unknown acclaimed buyers on the platform who would offer to buy 2 of your GIGs, and in turn you have to buy 1 of theirs; I realize it some form of scam in disguise.

Just a few days back, I received another for whom Fiverr automatically disabled any conversation with the person for privacy reasons, for which I am happy they did.

However, it gives me great concern regarding the “Response Time Rate” been affected, as a result of the seller’s unnatural ability (that is, when Fiverr disables your ability to respond to the messages) to control and respond to such message before taking an action: either to delete or report it to Fiverr as spam.

Just asking if anyone have had this experience in recent times, as it is starting to become a thing of great concern… Thank you.

Yep. I have had similar experiences. The response time rate is a confusing feature on Fiverr. Mine keeps hanging between 85-95% even though I have replied to every message within the time limit. Those spam messages do bring it down but I’m hopeful that Fiverr is working on the code for it.

That’s sad. Hope the team at Fiverr will look into it though.

Pyramid scam. Report and move on. There’s enough suckers falling for it, so help those souls.

And don’t respond to them. Are you that slavish to Fiverr? Just report it. Ask when the CEO is going to fulfill his promise to interview with us lowly people who make it happen, and if this will affect our message response. If so, why?

Hmm? It’s not like, 3 months later, his matters. Just saying.

I don’t respond, just sharing my experience…

Good :smiley: I’m just saying for any future readers!