The two buyers ordered by mistake


Last night, I cancelled two orders, why? Because two buyers ordered me and sent me cancellation request by saying, they ordered me by mistake.

I guess, this cancellation should be taken care of and have no effect on our account.
Fiverr, please do something about this as it is taking our account to death.


David, glad you making sales. Too bad about the cancellations… Since there were 2, that tells me your gig may be confusing, not making sense or something is misunderstood. Rule #17 - I confused buyer, never buys.

Keep at it!

God Bless,


Sorry pal, i happens sometimes.


Unfortunately, it happens! Don’t think about it just keep completing orders and keep the “completed orders” value as high as you can!

We, the sellers, must ADAPT ourselves to new features that Fiverr is introducing in the platform and EVOLVE to live with them


How did you deliver something to the buyer when he/she provided absolutely nothing for you to do? That’s against Fiverr’s TOS - delivering something empty. If a buyer provides absolutely nothing to go on, I’m sorry but that’s on you. You should have taken the hit on the cancellation. You can at least recover from it.

I understand that there are more stringent guidelines to follow now - and, I’m not pleased with them either - but it’s either that or what you just got. This was actually on you in this regard. Not being mean; just stating the obvious.

As for amateurish, we’ll have to agree to disagree. It’s not babyish but it is buyer-centric. There is a multitude of programming bugs and hopefully they’ll be straightened out. However, in the meantime, you need to find a way to work around them. Or, as you said, “This is like “IT” for me, so done here.” - Just leave. Fiverr isn’t for everybody.


You could have requested more time or cancellation due to lack of information. When you initiate the cancellation there’s a specific reason for lack of information.


Thanks but how am I supposed to know about that? Do you know how I feel right now?

Some kid came with $5 to ruin my 1year of hard work. Doesn’t add up!


If you didn’t know about it, then you should have read more about how the site worked or came to the forum as you’re doing now to get advice.

Yes, I know exactly how you feel, but I don’t deliver an empty gig. I either ask the buyer for an extension or send them a cancellation request based on their lack of providing me information. Do I hate doing it? Absolutely! Last month, I cancelled a $64 order because the buyer requested something I don’t do in my gig and then proceeded to order on the wrong gig because she was trying to manipulate the system and me.

I don’t like buyer manipulation, and I’m not going to let the fear of Fiverr’s new system mold me into some “whiner baby” thinking it’s all going to come crashing down Jan. 14.

And, I seriously doubt that it was some kid. Did you see if that person had a gig similar to you? That would be their only reason to do it, unless you made someone mad and they decided to exact revenge.

Yes, Fiver is more buyer-centric, but in this case, they did exactly what they should have. You failed to deliver anything but still completed the order as if you did. Since they saw you broke their TOS, you’re lucky they didn’t shut down your account.

You have two choices from my POV:

Either buck up and try harder to satisfy more clients so that the negative mark plays less of a part (This means actively advertising your gig)


Leave while whining that some kid had it out for you.


Actually I do. After 2 years I had a client who changed his mind on $800 order. Messed up my delivery rate and because of that I’ll lose my level in a couple of weeks. I followed the process to the letter and even contacted CS, but nothing changed.

If you go through this forum you’ll find a ton of posts like yours. You’re not the first nor the last to experience it.
All you can really do is to prepare yourself as much as you can. Now you know how to act with orders without information. Next you might wish to reconsider your delivery time to give you more time to react. Maybe even ask buyers to contact you before placing an order. Add FAQ’s to your gig explaining what will happen if buyers don’t provide enough information.

There’s no silver bullet to protect you, but you can take some steps. If it still happens then accept it or switch platforms.


@uxreview thats so much to deal with, sorry man. This outweighs my good spirit with fiverr


I was just confused whose message I replied. I did not want to bother anyone.


@emeraldawnn I am not afraid to lose my fiverr account. What no-nsen-se! Dont know this platform is as in-sa-ne as this


Start following the rules or you are going to be banned. It’s not rocket science. As for the platform being babyish - it made me laugh considering you are the one swearing in every reply, stamping your foot because you broke the rules and didnt get away with it and then being rude to people who disagree with you.


I actually expected the response - not surprised really.


I hope that cancellation should be taken care of and have no effect on your account but you should be review on your account


I mentioned the reason.