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The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Website

An unbelievable deal for just $5. Here is how you can get paid every time your friends, family or even strangers purchase from Amazon.


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Now you know all about the Amazon affiliates program, known also as the Amazon Associates program, the world premier online shopping website. You know that in order to produce sales and generate revenue you have to have a well-designed and attractive website, but not only that, you must understand the guidelines and programming instructions to incorporate Amazon’s tools and systems into the site.

By partnering with me to help start your business venture, you will receive a set of services and products that will completely set you up and accelerate your Amazon affiliate activities vastly beyond what you may anticipate.

create for you

•A full and complete Amazon Affiliate Website, full of products, content, and compelling marketing.

o Featuring the World’s First Intelligent, Self-Optimizing Amazon Affiliate Website, which allows you to simply and easily point and click your way to a stream of revenue.

o Creates Social Media streams to bring traffic from various free advertising source like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to offer you more traffic, more sales, and more cash.

o Everything is simple and straight-forward, you will be raking in cash as if you just pushed a button and withdrew money from an ATM.

Don’t Already Have An Amazon Affiliate Website? I will assist you every step of the way to get your Amazon affiliate account.

Amazing Social Media sharing options will be added to your website and persons will even have the opportunity to comment on your website using social media accounts such as Facebook.

We also offer extras that can push your site even further to success and promote your site to make it stand out among the rest, by providing professional and quality extras. These extras include the adding 100 Amazon affiliate products from the categories of your choice, giving you a custom website design and even a custom website header graphic design.

You may be concerned about whether the site I create for you will uphold to your high standards. That is why I have hand-selected a few of my previous pieces of work for you to inspect if you desire and hopefully make you feel at ease about the quality of my work.

Attached are a few screenshotsamples of my work from what I have designed for clients:

  1. Plus R Us - is a website for plus sized women clothing
  2. The Rock Climber - This website is for rock climbing supplies as well as hiking and mountain climbing.
  3. Striking Team
  4. Hot Price Electronics - A Store to find the hottest in new electronics at great prices

    Still not convinced yet?

    Just look at the reviews of my past customers that I’ve worked with before!

    “Outstanding and over delivered, even faster than promised, 5 star gig. Not just the store but also the feedback is great, thank you very much!”

    “Kemar is the man for this job, I knew he was going to be wonderful, I can’t believe what he did. It’s so amazing. Thank you Kemar, you are the best. You have 10 star rating.”

    “I am impressed and feel like I just stole something, only paying $5.00!!! Early delivery and I am one happy repeat customer. Thanks Kemar :D”

    Check out on my gig and see the reviews for yourself.



Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


Geniuskem, you really are a genius! You have done such amazing work on fiverr and the reviews of your clients tell it all! I do wonder how you find the time and energy to do all this amazing stuff, but then again, you’re a genius LOL! When I’m ready for more website building, I know exactly where to come. Geniuskem is the best on fiverr and we only want the best, don’t we?

I highly recommend this genius! He’s awesome! ieasha

Thank you Ieasha, I really appreciate it. Please just send me a message when you are ready for more Amazon affiliate websites. GeniusKem

Geniuskem your amazon affiliate websites are amazing. The biggest deal on, it’s unbelievable that the cost is just $5. This is a must buy. Check him out guys and let him build you the ultimate amazon affiliate website to make you some money. :slight_smile:

GeniusKem is amazing! the best on Fiverr. Love my Amazon Affiliate Store that you built or me!

awesome job!!! your the best

Reply to @cryskye: Thank you cryskye. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you need anything for your amazon affiliate website.

Reply to @andrewreidlive: Thank you andrewreidlive, I’m glad you liked the Amazon Affiliate website that I set up for you. Thanks for commenting as well.

Thanks shanti_reid, Thank you shanti_reid. I know you were impressed by your amazon affiliate website. Send me a message if you decide to join ebay affiliate and cj affiliate so that I can set up ebay affiliate website and cj commission junction affiliate website for you as well.

Well, well, well, Geniuskem is da man!!! :D. His work and his service are just super!!! Want the ULTIMATE Amazon Affiliate Store? Well, he’s the ULTIMATE! That’s just it!!! You won’t be disappointed. =D>


I created an Amazon Affiliate site (through someone not you) but Amazon has rejected my application. I think it is the responsibility and duty to of the Fiverr seller to educate the buyer of all the needs and stipulations before accepting the order. What is your opinion?

I am still interested in creating more than 2-3 stores but I need proper guidance. Money is not the issue. Good and clean service is.


Prasad (Websol)

this guy is just wasting your time i send message on 9 December and than remind him on 21st December and 24th December and today is 29th December still not reply.

maybe he is good on design Affiliate site but communication with this guy is really bad, take ages to reply.

Reply to @golkar:

Hi golkar,

Happy new year!

My apologies for the breakdown in communication that you have experienced for the Month of December. This has been a busy season for me and so I was unable to keep up with all the messages as I usually would.

I have replied to your messages, you may check your inbox.



Reply to @websol:

Hi websol,

Happy new year.

I am sorry that I have not been keeping up to date with the forum post and did not receive the notification of your comment.

As per your comment, as a fellow seller that provides amazon affiliate services I have a good understanding of the amazon affiliate terms and conditions.

When you first apply to the amazon affiliates program, you are given a temporary approval to promote their products until you generate your first sale. As soon as you generate your first sale they will formally review your website and accept you to the affiliate program without the need for a second review.

However, the amazon review process is a bit strict and to gain approval the website must demonstrate exactly what amazon is looking for during the review of your website.

If they do not see what they are looking for then they will not approve your website.

Now I too have had a client or too that messaged me with similar problem after the service, but for no extra cost I assisted them to get accepted to the affiliates program. I’m not sure how other sellers do it but for me it is all a matter of communication.

If the client communicates to me that they just applied to the affiliate program then I know how to approach creating the website differently from persons who are already approved to the program.

This is just my approach as a seller though…so I understand that each seller might operate differently. However, if you are still in need of any amazon affiliate services then please feel free to message me and I can assist.

If you need to get accepted, then I can also create a website worthy of amazon affiliate approval for you.





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