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The ultimate guide to get your first order 😱

Have you created a seller account and still didn’t get a single order?

There is a particular tip that almost no one shared and I’ll tell you how. It is really simple:

"stop asking how to get orders, and start to pursuit it"

Simple, right?

But you may be asking: “really? is this like real world? Can’t we just sit and wait for the orders to come? Shouldn’t be easier?”

But did you already asked yourself?: “why would I get any order, if I’m competing with the best online service sellers in the world and nobody knows me?”

Yes, it is hard (or even harder) than real world. This is the MOST COMPETITIVE online services marketplace in the world.

If you want to succeed, start pursuing your success. While you are sitting and waiting to get your first order, there are dozen of competitors running after their first client.

So if you want to sit and wait, or don’t know your potential buyers, I don’t believe you are in the right place. At least contract someone to do this for you then.

After you build your reputation here, then maybe you could sit and wait orders. Till there, there is A VERY LONG ROAD ahead.

So the best advice is: Stop waiting! Start doing!
Stop asking how to get order! Start asking yourself “what am I doing to get orders?” (this last one is credited to @jonbaas)

Best of Luck,


I’d also add that it is ‘sale’ not ‘sell’, and ‘buyer’ not ‘bayer.’

It’s a kind of revolutionary idea. However, if people just got those two words the right way around, I’d bet that there would be sell increases from more happy bayers overnight. :wink:


But a seller is one who makes sells. Few things about the language make sense now that I think about it.

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thank you very much for your kind of information.


Thank you for your info.

Nice suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much for your nice info :slight_smile:

Just the right suggestion I’ve been searching for. However, is it right to market my profile via the ’post a request’ option? I’m a new seller, I might as well try to not get banned so early.:smiley:

It’s completely wrong and not allowed.

It’s only for buyers post their requests, not sellers to promote themselves.

To not get banned, you probably would need to read ToS


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


Thank you so much!! I’m on it!


The reason it is sales, not “sells” is because the word in this sentence functions as a noun. “Sells” is a verb, not a noun. Sales is the noun.


Well said boss!!! :innocent::innocent:

Thank you. That makes sense.

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My pleasure. I had to take two grammar courses in university for my professional writing program. It has its benefits. Haha.

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No. This is not a good idea. That section is for ‘buyers’ who are looking for propositions from ‘sellers’ regarding specific projects. It’s seeing as ‘spammy’ if you post your profile/services offered there. Instead, try using Social Media to share your gigs to the world.


Thank you very much for your valuable information Shar… :blush:

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I’m not sure how you can pursue orders on here? Don’t you create a gig and let them come to you? Are you suggesting to advertise off site as well?

Of course you should advertise.

Like any place in the world, you need you run after your clients, your success.

This is the largest online services marketplace in the world, with probably millions of gigs. Do you really think that you will just create a gig and will be successful, or be noted by buyers?

This is not an easy road to follow. Some sellers just created their gigs, waited for clients and are extremely successful. Competence? luck? Or maybe because they got first at fiverr? Whatever it is, it’s just a few.

If you are not sure how to advertise or promote your gig, try contracting someone who does. But one thing your can be sure, if you wait for your success to come, probably it will never comes.

Later, when you worked some years with a lot of orders, that you created a good client chart, and built your reputation, then maybe you could just wait therm come to you. Till there, there is a long road ahead


Ok thanks for the advice!