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The Ultimate in Disrespect.... So Tired of This

So for the third time this month, I have had a regular buyer try and bend the rules to get me to either communicate with them outside of Fiverr or just act weird. Today, though, it has just gotten silly. A regular buyer messages me, yo see, to say “see the attached file.”

I open this file and a message awaits which reads, “Hello,
Starting from this moment I will hire you from another account. The account name is (XXXXXXmal).

Now, there is something obviously very dodgy going on here and I am not going to work with this person anymore. More than that, though, this kind of thing is really disrespectful. Asking a seller to do something against TOS, a buyer sending you a tip with a list of instructions for a service which you do not provide in the expectation that you have to find a way to do that now anyway, or asking a seller go along with something clearly disingenuous is just rude.

I would never do this.

Anyway, rant over.


Maybe they’ve switched company and want to use a different account that doesn’t link them to the previous company, assuming there is a company involved that they are part of.

But I admit it does sound a bit dodgy…

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Yea, I don’t know what to think about this. In general, if I understood correctly, he will still hire you on Fiverr, just from different account? Then it’s nothing against the ToS (except double accounts of course, but we don’t know his reason for switching - maybe he changed company and he couldn’t keep the account - he will still pay Fiverrs 20%) and he maybe just wants to get same benefits (if he had some) as your regular buyer. :wink:

But yea, it sounds little bit dodgy. :slight_smile:

It’s not uncommon for a buyer to have a business fiverr account used by multiple employees and a personal one. Unless your regular buyer did something else to offend you, I don’t see a problem continuing business with him/her.


If a buyer is using 2 accounts legitimately, they would not need to warn my in advance of ordering by sending a message under Fiverr’s radar. Doing this under the radar says that they are doing something which goes against TOS like reversing payments on orders. Nothing good ever hides in the shadows.


I’ve encountered buyers with 2 accounts before (say, for 2 unrelated businesses), but they mentioned it openly in messages, they didn’t hide it in an attachment.

To be honest, if I was not a seller and only bought here, I would have 2 accounts to manage different things, for accounting etc. It would just be easier. As to why they did it like they did, I dunno, but they may have just not wanted to take chances with an account being suspended.