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The Ultimate Jackpot

I been on Fiverr for over a year and not only do I sell services as a seller, but I also buy gigs as a Buyer. We all know that levels are crucial for expanding your services as a seller and the ability to offer gig extras for additional revenue potential. We make money and so does Fiverr.

A few months back, I started using a specific seller to buy specific marketing services and this seller provided amazing customer service, and the service was pretty much helping me promote a client’s business on a website for for $5 they would do it, let’s say for imaginary purposes 5 amount of times. The problem was as soon as the seller reached Level 2, where they were able to gain additional gig addons, the amount offered in gig was reduced to 1 time and if you wanted the full 5 times, it was $40 extra. While I loved his level of customer service and quality, I had to do some thinking and decide, was the service worth $45. After a couple months, this seller contacted me and asked me when I was going to come back. I respectively told him that although I loved his service and quality, the price was not acceptable for what I thought was acceptable. Then, about 2 months after that he contacted me and told me he went back to his old pricing because no one was biting from him. He apologized to me for his high price and was only thinking about becoming rich and not about his customers.

We all get in this trap that when we level up, we want to immediately put the coins in the slot machine and expect that what we have been getting will always continue to happen, but unfortunately, sometimes while you want to rake in the cash, you have to be modest of your pricing. When you set your pricing or modify your pricing you need to look at your base. Do you have return or repeat customers? Will they be willing to pay more for less than what they received previously?

I operate a gig where I review websites. I could charge more, but why. If it takes me 2 months to get a $40 gig to be bought or 1 day to get 8 - $5 gig, which is better? Personally, I would rather have quantity over scarceness. We all will run our businesses differently, but as a friendly note, weigh out all the pros and cons before you decide to change the pricing on that gig that brought you to your seller level.

Good luck to all! :slight_smile:

That was an enlightening story, and I’m really glad you shared it. There seem to be certain types of people on Fiverr, sellers, who have obviously tried to figure out something they can sell many times over with only a minimum of effort. Or they blatantly steal artwork, logos, photos and articles from throughout the internet. They don’t care about return customers or creating good business relationships. (Personally I’d love to push a “reject” button and say goodbye to the lot of them!)

Occasionally I’m sure it happens as with your seller: he wanted to be able to make money more quickly, couldn’t bring himself to flat-out cheat, so tried inflating his prices instead. But at least he had the insight to realize that gouging customers is a fast way to lose their loyalty…and sales. Of course he deserves to earn a fair income for his work, but good customers are to be treasured! And overpricing is not a good way to do that.

Thanks for sharing~